Food Truck Date #25: Into the Wild

50 food truck dates

I stepped outside into the Oakland sun from within the depths of BART, the Bay Area’s underground transportation system, and turned left and right in search of a food truck parked outside to pick me up. I was a little nervous for the “production” of what was to come, and a little excited. At the time, I didn’t know I was moments away from a date that would constantly make ... read more

7th November 2013

Sneak Peek at Food Truck Date #25

docs of the bay food truck

Tuxedo shirts, flowers, amazing burgers & spicy green beans, shuffleboard, and a table for two at a dive bar… Docs of the Bay & my date Steve made me feel like a FTP (Food Truck Princess, not file transfer protocol… nerd). (Both photos courtesy of @behindfoodcarts) Behind the Food Carts & I collaborated for this special, commemorative 25th Food Truck Date and will have all photos and details up this ... read more

2nd October 2013

The Timing Will Never, Ever Be Right


I’ve spent the last two months thinking in my spare time a lot about 50 Food Truck Dates: where it started, who I’ve met, where I want to take it, and because I’m a perfectionist – a lot about mistakes. I have a one-year recap draft that I keep visiting and revisiting, trying to capture exactly my state of being and heart right now to share with you. Except I ... read more

30th September 2013

Comeback Kid

don't call it a comeback i've been here for years

Things are finally a brewin’ over here again at 50 Dates after some soul searchin and a brief health & mental break… Since I’ve been off Food Truck Datin’ since my Austin trip in June, I’m considering my next Food Truck Date on October 1st not only the commemoration of my 25th date and halfway point, but also an extra special “comeback” date. I’ll be hitting the East Bay with ... read more

19th September 2013

Killer Lemon Ricotta Donuts from Streatery Food Truck [a - gasp - healthier food truck!]

streatery food truck1

For Food Truck Date #13, my date and I visited Friday Nights at OMCA (Oakland Museum of California), a weekly food truck party in Oakland from 5-9pm. After we did the usual food truck loop to check out all our dining options and my date said, “Do you actually like food trucks?!” we settled on the Streatery food truck for our meal. His comment led me to believe he wasn’t a huge ... read more

16th July 2013

Food Truck Date #16: Twice is… Nice?


When’s the last time you went on a first date with someone, lovers, but then didn’t feel enough of “something” to put effort into a second date? I find myself in a number of convos with the single and dating in my life where we agree that first dates are pretty easy – it’s the second date that seems to be the elusive holy grail a number of us singles ... read more

11th July 2013

Seattle Biscuit Company Food Truck + Beer at Chuck’s Hop Shop

seattle biscuit company food truck

When I moved away from Seattle two years ago, I left a city with a very small food truck scene. A few food trucks would sit curbside downtown for lunch, but they were largely absent from events and festivals and not a part of my every day life. Now, two years later, the food truck scene is growing in my favorite little Pacific Northwest city, and it’s fun to come ... read more

6th July 2013

Food Truck Boy #16: The Nerd

food truck boy #16

Name: Derek aka The Nerd In His Words: My daddy left home when I was three and he didn’t leave much to ma and me, just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze. Now, I don’t blame him cause he run and hid but the meanest thing that he ever did was before he left, he went and named me “Derek.” Well, I grew up quick and I ... read more

25th June 2013

Food Truck Date #15: Know, When to Hold ‘Em & Know When To Fold ‘Em (Or, My Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner Date)

Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner Date

Lovers, remember this – you can literally find a date in the most random of places and times. Just when you don’t think anyone’s paying attention to you, sometimes a boy is quietly crushing and will swoop in – so I’m here to tell you to always be alert and leave the house in pants. The end. Such a thing happened with Food Truck Boy #15, my Lyft Boo. (A ... read more

20th June 2013