November 2012 - 50 Food Truck Dates
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Food Truck Boy #10: Rico Suave & His Dog

food truck boy 10

Name: Alejandro aka Rico Suave Life Story in Five Sentences or Less (in his words):  1) I’m a first generation (born here) son of Colombian immigrants (they did it by the book). 2) I grew up in love with music, the sea and the mountains and fell in deep love (infatuation really) repeatedly. 3) After college I worked for Microsoft for a year and then quit to pursue music full-time. 4) ... read more

30th November 2012

Food Truck Date #9: Pseudo Russian Mail Order Brides Love

food truck at wedding

Lovers! Did you know that this little 50 Food Truck Dates project of mine has officially turned me into a rent-a-date?! How neat is that. One minute you could be a just another boring citizen who pays rent and rides the bus downtown every day with a coffee and laptop to hack away on the Interwebs, occasionally hitting up happy hour on a Tuesday for some unsuspecting male meat, and the next! ... read more

28th November 2012

The Best Damn Burrito You’ll Ever Have is at Senor Sisig Food Truck

senor sisig food truck

There are a few “cool kids” food trucks in San Francisco that always have a snaking, long ass line around the block at Off the Grid Fort Mason on Friday nights, making it impossible to wait in if you’re starving (which 8 times out of 10, I always am). The Senor Sisig food truck is one of them, so I was stoked that Grayzilla and I happened upon Senor Sisig during our ... read more

21st November 2012

Food Truck Boy #9: Mustached German Wedding Date

food truck boy

Name: Mike aka Mustached German Wedding Date (soon to be sans mustache) Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:  Raised by French-German parents in beautiful port city Hamburg. Via college in Switzerland, and some years in San Diego, now landed and stranded in the New York of the West. In love with this city and the quirky people, and in love with my friends Will and Megan that live in DC. ... read more

15th November 2012

Food Truck Date #8: Five Niners Are The Hidden Gems of Dating + 10 Top Reasons to Date ‘Em

food truck date - senor sisig burrito

Riddle me this, ladies: if a guy messages you on an online dating site with 5’9” listed as his height, do you respond to him, or skip him? Ima gonna venture out and guess that the majority of you would say, “Skip ‘em!” because you think 5’9” is too short. I’m here to tell you why you should all stop this picky, selective behavior immediately, and it comes from my ... read more

13th November 2012

Food Truck Boy #7: California Meat Boy

food truck date 6

Name: Mike aka California Meat Boy (you’ll soon find out why)… Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:  California boy born and raised. Said California boy went to school and worked back east for many years. California boy eventually came back to his home state, hopefully with some new perspective. And now California boy is enjoying life here more than ever. You can take the boy out of California, but ... read more

8th November 2012

Old World Food Truck & C.R.E.A.M. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

CREAM cookie sandwiches berkeley

As previously mentioned in my post about Food Truck Date #5 with my JewBoo, JBBB and I traveled to Off the Grid Berkeley to track down the Jewish San Francisco food truck – Old World Food Truck. Old World Food Truck serves “Jewish and Eastern European soul food” and is owned by fellow Jew, Kenny Hockert, “Owner/Chef/Mensch.” Hockert boasts a culinary background that originates in New York City and has taken ... read more

5th November 2012

The Famous Heartbreak Hot Dogs of Mavili Food Truck in Athens, Greece (not Georgia)

mavili greek food truck 2

As I previously wrote in Food Truck Date #4: The Epic Greek Rendezvous, I was able to track down food trucks while in Athens, Greece for a Food Truck Date. Who knew this food truck phenom stretched over our borders and across the world too?! Kinda makes me want to eat at food trucks all over the world. (250 food truck dates, here I come). When researching food trucks in ... read more

5th November 2012

Food Truck-oween with FunCheap SF


Last night FunCheapSF hosted a rockin’ Halloween party at SoMa StrEatFood Park in partnership with Lyft (my favorite mode of transportation to my dates) and Trumer Pils beer. Even though it was a little rainy in San Francisco, it was the perfect outdoor venue for a Halloween party – lots of space, tons of 20- and 30-somethings, good grub, pumpkin sangria, $2 beers, skeeball, adult trick o’ treatin, and a ... read more

2nd November 2012