December 2012 - 50 Food Truck Dates
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Food Truck Bucket List: Duffeyrolls Served Out of an Old VW Van

Duffeyroll VW Food Truck Van

This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday takes us to Denver, Colorado and a food truck that started in 1986 –  before street food was a trend. Nick Ault and Jim Duffey started serving their Duffeyrolls cinnamon rolls out of a push cart on the streets of Denver. Now a local staple for Denver residents and what one of the cofounders calls “the Grey Poupon of cinnamon rolls,” they own three ... read more

22nd December 2012

Food Truck Date #10: Smooth is Only As Smooth Does

holding hands

When sharing the details about Food Truck Boy #10 in my post prior to the date, I nicknamed the guy Rico Suave for a reason. Foreshadowing bitches! Some men just have the gift of smooth, and this guy was a kissing, hands-all-over, saying-and-doing-all-the-right-things, flirty smooooth operator. Well, that is, until the end of the date… Rico Suave was one of the first guys to apply for a Food Truck Date when I ... read more

21st December 2012

Food Truck Bucket List: Ms P’s Electric Cock

ms p's electric cock

I’m starting a new blog series on Fridays! It’s called Food Truck Bucket List Friday where I’ll share a food truck I want to try in the wide food truck world outside San Francisco. If you have a food truck in your city that you love or has a super yummy dish that can’t be missed, let me know about it! This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday destination is Austin, ... read more

14th December 2012

Food Truck Boy #11: Puma Bait

food truck boy 11

Name: Greg aka Puma Bait (cause I’m a sexy puma, rawr, and he’s only 23, lovers !!!) aka my Truck Love Twin (because he also started a food truck tracking website in San Francisco called EdibleAve!) Life Story in Five Sentences or Less (in his words):  Born and raised in the Bay Area, I went to school in LA and masterfully mastered a degree in Business Administration. You’ve heard the quote ... read more

13th December 2012

A Twist on Chinese Hum Bao at The Chairman Bao Food Truck

the chairman bao

In junior high I used to regularly take the bus with my best friend from our safe, strip-malled suburb of ticky tacky houses to downtown Seattle. We’d rotate between Broadway Street in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill – vintage bell bottoms in thrift stores, hipster coffee shops with fancy foamed beverages, Dick’s Cheeseburgers and eccentric crossdressers with mohawks and four inch platform heels – and The Ave, the dingy main drag below ... read more

12th December 2012

Food Truck Date #7: Tempering Expectations, LOGISTICS & the 80/20 Rule

bar agricole

For this Food Truck Date, California Meat Boy and I will be doing a “he said/she said” version of our date with dating advice for the both ladiezz and gents… Enjoy, lovers. xo She: Prior to Food Truck Date #7, California Meat Boy and I were exchanging emails to plan out the evening of our date. He sent me an email that “took the date by the horns,” so to ... read more

11th December 2012

BrewTruc: San Francisco’s Brewery On Wheels [with Stoned Operators]

brewtruc sf 2

In October, I attended a “Hallotoberfest” – an urban biergarten benefit party with brews from BrewTruc and grub from Stag Dining Group. Stag is a cool culinary group that creates underground dining experiences with locally sourced cuisine, and BrewTruc is a school bus turned brewery truck, pouring home, micro and nano brews from around the Bay Area. A brewery on a truck – neato! The owners of BrewTruc certainly rocked ... read more

3rd December 2012

Oozy Goozy, Spicy Fried Egg Sandwiches at Adam’s Grub Truck

adam's grub truck

At SoMa StrEatFood Park & FunCheapSF’s Halloween food truck party, I had the pleasure of trying Adam’s Grub Truck – a San Francisco food truck with food the owner Adam William Lee calls “Fun and innovative Asian Fusion Sandwiches with a flare for the ridiculous.” I call them oozy goozy, spicy fried egg sandwiches on buttery brioche buns that you’ve GOT TO try. I stopped in my tracks when I read ... read more

1st December 2012