February 2013 - 50 Food Truck Dates
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Food Truck Date #12: Timing is a GD Bitch (Or the Man Who Made Me Dislike Mustaches)


“I’m the guy with the mustache, standing at the bar alone,” he texted. “Way to spring the last minute mustache on me,” I responded, on my way in a Lyft to meet Food Truck Boy #12, the Hot Greek Grandfather, for our Food Truck Date. I was merely being facetious about the mustache springing, of course. Sure, I didn’t have any idea until then that’d he’d have a mustache (based on his ... read more

26th February 2013

So Far Koja Kitchen Has My Vote for Best Food Truck in San Francisco


I first tried Koja Kitchen‘s “Korean-Japanese reinvented” on Food Truck Date #10 and then again at TruckStop SF while on lunch at work, and now it’s my favorite food truck in San Francisco to track down. Koja Kitchen serves these beyond fantastic Korean barbecue “burgers.” Not only is the bbq meat tender and super tasty, but then they throw sesame vinaigrette lettuce and a pineapple ring on top (my favorite combo ever is ... read more

11th February 2013

Food Truck Boy #12: The (Hot) Greek Grandfather

food truck boy 12

Okay lovers – I’m back at soliciting men to Food Truck Date me. Wahoooo! Up and coming… Food Truck Boy #12! (How am I only on 12?!) Name: Dimitri aka papou, which apparently all his friends call him. I googled it, and it means Greek grandfather?! So I’m deeming him The (Hot) Greek Grandfather cause while I’ll go allll the way down to Puma Bait and 23, I’m not about ... read more

8th February 2013

Valentine’s Day – Meh. Instead, Let’s Make it National Food Truck Date Day!


February 14th – that sounds familiar. What day is that again? Oh yeah – Valentine’s Day. The day that seems to be hated more and more each passing year, and by everyone, according to SF Weekly. Here’s what I hate – Valentine’s Day leaves couples and singles feeling broke, bored and bummed. There’s a lot of bemoaning about needing to “prove” your love one contrite day a year, and a ... read more

6th February 2013