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about 50 dates

I’m going on 50 Food Truck Dates and writing about it.

These Food Truck Dates don’t have to be with 50 different guys if I meet someone I like (which is what I’m ultimately looking for), and the food truck just has to be incorporated *somewhere* into the beginning, middle or end of our date. So far I’ve been on Food Truck Dates in Greece, as a wedding date, as dessert after a fancy restaurant date, to festivals and dance parties and more. The beauty of today’s food truck scene is that they’re located at a ton of interesting and fun events, so it makes the dates all unique, low key and stress free. Just how I like it!

So far this has been a passion project… a life changer… a bit of a second job… a really big challenge… a sometimes frustrating venture… a love project… a little (or a lot) of sumpin sumpin on the side. It’s introduced me to new friends, new feelings and sides of myself I’m not familiar with, new partnerships, and new food. It is already so much more than I thought when I started out in August 2012.

Here’s how it all began…

Because I work in digital marketing and social media, it’s only fitting that the idea for 50 Food Truck Dates sprung from Twitter. Sometimes one Tweet can be a life changer.

More than two years ago, a guy, Richard, won a year’s supply of Chilango burritos at the 2010 London Twitter Festival. Richard decided to share the prize by taking a different girl for a burrito every week for a whole year and write about his dates at 52BurritoDates.com. I saw a Tweet about his site, immediately loved the idea, and told a few girl friends of mine that I wanted to do it myself. A “Stateside version,” so to speak. I think they thought I was crazy. Or that I wouldn’t really do it.

Two years later, thanks to Twitter and Google’s Doodles, Richard and the 52 Burrito Dates sprung up again:

Thanks to Richard’s encouragement and brilliant originality in the first place, the idea took root again. But I wanted my own twist…. what could I eat or do, for 50 dates, that had enough variety and interest to not be too repetitive? What would I want to eat or do for 50+ weeks in a row.

Hellllloooo, 50 Food Truck Dates.

One illustrator, four phone calls to a web hosting service, 10 hours on a WordPress design, 3 hours on a Twitter background, 4 hours on a Facebook design, 4 hours on a calling card design, one photographer, 25 conversations with friends, 267 text messages to my Vice President and BFF, Jess, countless hours of writing, tweaking, editing, worrying, second-guessing, procrastinating… and the project was live. Let’s DO THIS.

Here’s to a big happy ending for ME and one of my Food Truck Dates.xo

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  • http://howaboutwe.com Kate

    Hi there –
    I work for the dating site HowAboutWe.com. Would love to talk to you about setting up an affiliate program with you.
    Let me know if you’d be interested!

  • http://twitter.com/jennissugarshop Jennifer Liu

    I want to try this in Seattle. Will give you both inspiration cred!

    • the50dates

      Would love to have you do a guest Food Truck Date from Seattle, Jennifer!

  • Carson

    What happens if you fall in love with one of your dates and don’t want to go on dates with any new guys anymore?

  • Mobile Food Funding

    Haha, this is great! You’ll love the Portland carts. Would love to work this into Fun Dit somehow. It’s crowdfunding for the mobile food industry. Maybe run a campaign to get 50 more dates when these are done?!

  • kthull

    From one mothertrucker to another, I love your concept. If you’re ever in Chicago, look me up. I’m the guy behind foodtruck50.com.