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Oozy Goozy, Spicy Fried Egg Sandwiches at Adam’s Grub Truck

adam's grub truck

At SoMa StrEatFood Park & FunCheapSF’s Halloween food truck party, I had the pleasure of trying Adam’s Grub Truck – a San Francisco food truck with food the owner Adam William Lee calls “Fun and innovative Asian Fusion Sandwiches with a flare for the ridiculous.” I call them oozy goozy, spicy fried egg sandwiches on buttery brioche buns that you’ve GOT TO try.

I stopped in my tracks when I read Adam’s Grub Truck’s menu and looked no further for my food truck dinner – me and fried eggs are like peanut butter jelly time. Throw in bacon and spicy ingredients like wasabi and pepper jack cheese, and I’ll be in complete food truck grub heaven.

I ordered Adam Grub Truck’s Madd Phoenix sandwich: five-spiced Chinese chicken, pepper jack cheese, avocado wasabi, Asian slaw and fried egg on a toasted brioche bun. My girl friend ordered their new Falkor sandwich (ode to one of the best 80s movies ever – The Neverending Story. FALKOOORRRRR). The Falkor features panko-crusted fried chicken, pepper jack, bacon, Asian slaw and a fried egg on a toasted brioche bun.

These sandwiches are probably one of the messiest things you’ll wrap your hands around – when you order it, the fried egg is already broken and oozing in the paper tray and will drip down your hand with each bite. But it’s oh so worth it (and yes, I think totes worth the $9 price tag too). The combo of greasy, buttery brioche buns, spice and fried egg goo is not for the calorie-counting weak at heart, but I guarantee it’ll be one of the tastiest sandwiches you’ll ever try.

Next up on my “to try” list at Adam’s Grub Truck is their Kelekona sandwich with fried spam and bacon, and their Ultimate AGT Fries, smothered in pork, with a fried egg and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets on top (!!!). I’ll definitely be visiting Adam’s Grub Truck again on one of my Food Truck Dates!

You can check out Adam’s Grub Truck menu or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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1st December 2012
  • http://30somethingtherapy.com/ Mel

    Egg sandwich-anything is Favorite on my Food List. Seriously, I’m so jealous of your food truck scene.

    • the50dates

      Me TOO. Actually, fried egg anything is always a favorite on my food list.