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BrewTruc: San Francisco’s Brewery On Wheels [with Stoned Operators]

In October, I attended a “Hallotoberfest” – an urban biergarten benefit party with brews from BrewTruc and grub from Stag Dining Group. Stag is a cool culinary group that creates underground dining experiences with locally sourced cuisine, and BrewTruc is a school bus turned brewery truck, pouring home, micro and nano brews from around the Bay Area. A brewery on a truck – neato!

The owners of BrewTruc certainly rocked it out when creating a beautifully designed brewery truck with a cool vibe. The rolling brewery is made from an old school bus, now painted a glossy black. The bus has a retro remodeled interior, featuring painted-green walls, a copper bartop, skylight, red-leather benches for seating and beer taps attached to a rad old odometer.

brewtruc interior

image via Oct 28 Productions & BrewTruc's Facebook

The truck is owned by Hugh Schick and Phil Cutti and opened this past summer in San Francisco. You can rent BrewTruc out for events, find it at its makeshift beer garden at 160 Church Street, or spot the truck occasionally at events around the city. Here is BrewTruc by the numbers, thanks to Gizmodo:

    • 1997: Year of the bus Schick bought to create BrewTruc
    • $4,000: Price he paid for the bus
    • $55,000: Cost of converting it from a school bus to a cool mobile brewery
    • 93: Size of the keg refrigerator (in inches) that’s in the back of the bus
    • 6: The amount of kegs BrewTruc holds
    • 15.5: The gallons of beer in each keg
    • 12: The amount of taps on BrewTruc (six inside, six outside)
    • 26,000: The weight of the truck in pounds (including 93 lbs of beer with 26 people)

At this particular Hallotoberfest event, BrewTruc was serving the following beers: Anderson Valley Cerveza Crema, Iron Springs Pumpkin Sugar Pie Ale, Ale Industries’ Orange Kush and Rye’d Piper Rye PA, Social Kitchen Rams Gate Rye P A, and Speakeasy Double Daddy (Double IPA).

I arrived an hour after the event started and was disappointed to find out (after waiting in a SUPER long line in BrewTruc) that they were out of all but two beers. So, I was able to try the Pumpkin Sugar Pie Ale, which I wasn’t a big fan of because it didn’t taste much like a pumpkin beer at all, and the Orange Kush, which is made with chamomile, orange peel, and coriander and is really tasty. When going in for a sip, you get a strong hoppy smell super similar to the aroma of weed, which was bizarre, but it leaves a sweet after taste going down. Big fan.

Speaking of weed – the operators of BrewTruc at this event were ridiculously stoned and unorganized. My friends and I were pretty annoyed with the guys who didn’t seem to know their heads from their tails, pouring heady beer, having trouble hooking up the taps, asking to repeat your order over and over, forgetting to collect beer tickets, and slowing down an already crazy long line and process to get one glass of beer.

I really love the concept and design of BrewTruc, but I think the guys running it need to pay more attention to their customer experience, and less attention to their own beer and stoner party, even though I like to party just as much as they do. :)

I don’t think the truck is equipped in size and speed [or sober operators] for a large event with tons of thirsty people, so I’ll skip trying to drink beer from it that way. However, it’d be RAD to rent it out for a beer party bus tour in the city, so I’m not giving up on it just yet.

Overall Rating:

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3rd December 2012
  • Mel

    This is so stinkin awesome.

    • the50dates

      Right? Great concept – awesome design. There should be more brewery’s on wheels to drive people around. :D

  • Sarah Alway

    Love that blonde wig on you! :-)

    • the50dates

      Thanks! I feel like I look a bit odd, but people seem to love it. Maybe I need to straighten my hair and bleach it! HA.