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The Timing Will Never, Ever Be Right


I’ve spent the last two months thinking in my spare time a lot about 50 Food Truck Dates: where it started, who I’ve met, where I want to take it, and because I’m a perfectionist – a lot about mistakes. I have a one-year recap draft that I keep visiting and revisiting, trying to capture exactly my state of being and heart right now to share with you. Except I ... read more

30th September 2013

Food Truck Boy #16: The Nerd

food truck boy #16

Name: Derek aka The Nerd In His Words: My daddy left home when I was three and he didn’t leave much to ma and me, just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze. Now, I don’t blame him cause he run and hid but the meanest thing that he ever did was before he left, he went and named me “Derek.” Well, I grew up quick and I ... read more

25th June 2013

Food Truck Boy #15: Lyft Boo

lyft food truck date

Name: Sean aka Lyft Boo In His Words: Buckeye borne, bred, and educated, I escaped to a year of community service in Israel before calling the Bay Area home in the first of two stints. As an aspiring fundraising professional, I moved to Boston for a dual masters degree program and then on to Florida. Always plagued by the travel bug but inspired by Golden Gate dreams, I returned to ... read more

8th June 2013

Food Truck Boy #13: The Most Interesting Man on the Planet

food truck boy 13

Name: Michael aka The Most Interesting Man on the Planet In His Words: A friend of mine once took a roadtrip across the US and said that Utah was one of the most beautiful states he had ever seen. So one summer I moved there from New York and worked on hiking trails for a few months. One time a girl whom I was trying to impress said that I ... read more

6th March 2013

Food Truck Boy #12: The (Hot) Greek Grandfather

food truck boy 12

Okay lovers – I’m back at soliciting men to Food Truck Date me. Wahoooo! Up and coming… Food Truck Boy #12! (How am I only on 12?!) Name: Dimitri aka papou, which apparently all his friends call him. I googled it, and it means Greek grandfather?! So I’m deeming him The (Hot) Greek Grandfather cause while I’ll go allll the way down to Puma Bait and 23, I’m not about ... read more

8th February 2013

Food Truck Boy #11: Puma Bait

food truck boy 11

Name: Greg aka Puma Bait (cause I’m a sexy puma, rawr, and he’s only 23, lovers !!!) aka my Truck Love Twin (because he also started a food truck tracking website in San Francisco called EdibleAve!) Life Story in Five Sentences or Less (in his words):  Born and raised in the Bay Area, I went to school in LA and masterfully mastered a degree in Business Administration. You’ve heard the quote ... read more

13th December 2012

Food Truck Boy #10: Rico Suave & His Dog

food truck boy 10

Name: Alejandro aka Rico Suave Life Story in Five Sentences or Less (in his words):  1) I’m a first generation (born here) son of Colombian immigrants (they did it by the book). 2) I grew up in love with music, the sea and the mountains and fell in deep love (infatuation really) repeatedly. 3) After college I worked for Microsoft for a year and then quit to pursue music full-time. 4) ... read more

30th November 2012

Food Truck Boy #9: Mustached German Wedding Date

food truck boy

Name: Mike aka Mustached German Wedding Date (soon to be sans mustache) Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:  Raised by French-German parents in beautiful port city Hamburg. Via college in Switzerland, and some years in San Diego, now landed and stranded in the New York of the West. In love with this city and the quirky people, and in love with my friends Will and Megan that live in DC. ... read more

15th November 2012

Food Truck Boy #7: California Meat Boy

food truck date 6

Name: Mike aka California Meat Boy (you’ll soon find out why)… Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:  California boy born and raised. Said California boy went to school and worked back east for many years. California boy eventually came back to his home state, hopefully with some new perspective. And now California boy is enjoying life here more than ever. You can take the boy out of California, but ... read more

8th November 2012