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Food Truck Boy #8: He Will Tie Me Up And Buy Me Things

grayzilla - 50 food truck dates

Okay, so I’m convinced I’m the only girl ALIVE who hasn’t read the 50 Shades of Grey series … hilarious since I’m probably the most crass, innuendo-ridden lady (that’s right, LADY) I know. So while messaging my date tonight, I was all, “Oh how cute, his name is Grey.” Not “His name is Grey and he will tie me up and buy me things” like one of my best girl ... read more

25th October 2012

Food Truck Boy #5: Jewish Big Balls Batman [with a Back Story & a Theme Song]


Name: Benjamin aka Benji aka Jewish Big Balls Batman aka JBBB A Back Story: Picture this … Last spring, I was invited to a “Librarians vs. Barbarians” dinner party at a friend’s house. Do you dress up as a librarian? Or a barbarian? I chose barbarian since it fits my sassy, rebel attitude a bit more. I’m there with my little sister and best friend and it’s a room FULL ... read more

17th October 2012

Guest Food Truck Boy #1: Bearded Clam Dipper


This Food Truck Boy is bequethed to one of my best friends, Katie, who will be sharing her Food Truck Date with everyone while I’m in Greece. Want to go on a Food Truck Date and guest post sometime over the next year? I’d love it! Email me at Name: Mark aka Bearded Clam Dipper Mark’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: Grew up in the Seattle area. ... read more

25th September 2012

Food Truck Boy #3: The Philosopher

food truck boy

“Hey girl, picture me lying in bed, all romantically philosophizing life.” Name: Matt aka The Philosopher Matt’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: Raised conservative. Left the woods to explore the world. Worked in nuclear operations, and ended up in San Francisco studying philosophy. A Few Deets: Matt is an extrovert, but would rather stay in than go out, and his favorite band is Led Zeppelin. (RAMBLIN ONNNN). I chose Matt for a food ... read more

30th August 2012

Food Truck Boy #2: The Smile That Wooed TSA

Food Truck Date #2

Name: Ian aka The Smile That Wooed TSA Ian’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: Born in Washington D.C., raised in Miami, lived throughout Europe and Asia in my yesteryears and now happily reside in SF – food truck capital of the world? A Few Deets: Ian’s favorite food is Bucatini carbonara (humina humina whaaa?), he’d prefer Little Spoon over Big Spoon (whatever you say, Ian!) and would really ... read more

17th August 2012

Food Truck Boy #1: The Reincarnated Fish


Name: Edward aka The Reincarnated Fish Edward’s Life Story in 5 Sentences or Less: I was born and raised in New York. I love the beach, swimming, boats, skiing – hell let’s just throw in a good steam sauna, and then I can say that basically I love water in any of its forms. I’m probably a reincarnated fish. I am an entrepreneur and just moved to SF from the ... read more

10th August 2012

Call Me Maybe

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Picture me handing these babies out all over San Francisco… Cuties on the 1BX, the salad tosser I’m in love at Mixt Greens… The possibilities are endless! (The back says, “Hi, let’s go on a food truck date!”)

2nd August 2012