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Food Truck Date #25: Into the Wild

50 food truck dates

I stepped outside into the Oakland sun from within the depths of BART, the Bay Area’s underground transportation system, and turned left and right in search of a food truck parked outside to pick me up. I was a little nervous for the “production” of what was to come, and a little excited. At the time, I didn’t know I was moments away from a date that would constantly make ... read more

7th November 2013

Sneak Peek at Food Truck Date #25

docs of the bay food truck

Tuxedo shirts, flowers, amazing burgers & spicy green beans, shuffleboard, and a table for two at a dive bar… Docs of the Bay & my date Steve made me feel like a FTP (Food Truck Princess, not file transfer protocol… nerd). (Both photos courtesy of @behindfoodcarts) Behind the Food Carts & I collaborated for this special, commemorative 25th Food Truck Date and will have all photos and details up this ... read more

2nd October 2013

Food Truck Date #16: Twice is… Nice?


When’s the last time you went on a first date with someone, lovers, but then didn’t feel enough of “something” to put effort into a second date? I find myself in a number of convos with the single and dating in my life where we agree that first dates are pretty easy – it’s the second date that seems to be the elusive holy grail a number of us singles ... read more

11th July 2013

Food Truck Date #15: Know, When to Hold ‘Em & Know When To Fold ‘Em (Or, My Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner Date)

Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner Date

Lovers, remember this – you can literally find a date in the most random of places and times. Just when you don’t think anyone’s paying attention to you, sometimes a boy is quietly crushing and will swoop in – so I’m here to tell you to always be alert and leave the house in pants. The end. Such a thing happened with Food Truck Boy #15, my Lyft Boo. (A ... read more

20th June 2013

Food Truck Date #14: The Date I Didn’t Know I Was On (or Why You Shouldn’t Flirt With Food Trucks on Twitter)

muni bus ad

Did I tell you about the time I tried to flirt with a food truck on Twitter, and it ended in me being on a Food Truck Date I didn’t know I was on?! I recognize that sentence is totally weird. But then again, technically this whole project could be considered weird. Which makes me weird, so let’s just roll with it. It all began thanks to a Tweet I ... read more

30th May 2013

Food Truck Date #13: Interesting.

off the grid OMCA oakland

I grabbed the strap above me on BART as the train shook and rumbled its way under the water from San Francisco to the East Bay. The after-work crowd swayed around me, holding their bikes, backpacks and Timbuk2 bags while bracing for every turn, their eyes closed and their body heat contributing to the smells of public transportation on a warm Bay Area day. The Most Interesting Man on the ... read more

23rd May 2013

Food Truck Date #12: Timing is a GD Bitch (Or the Man Who Made Me Dislike Mustaches)


“I’m the guy with the mustache, standing at the bar alone,” he texted. “Way to spring the last minute mustache on me,” I responded, on my way in a Lyft to meet Food Truck Boy #12, the Hot Greek Grandfather, for our Food Truck Date. I was merely being facetious about the mustache springing, of course. Sure, I didn’t have any idea until then that’d he’d have a mustache (based on his ... read more

26th February 2013

Food Truck Date #11: The 10 Stages of A Blind Date [Part 2]

10 stages of a blind date - clound 9

Here we go … the it-took-longer-than-intended PART TWO to Food Truck Date #11′s 10 stages of a blind date. If you need to reread the first five stages because you forgot what I even wrote because I made you wait too terribly long for the second half, I understand. Give it a reread, then sit back, grab some Goldfish and a beer because below is stage 6 – 10 of ... read more

29th January 2013

Food Truck Date #11: The 10 Stages of A Blind Date [Part 1]

El Tonayense food truck

I’m presenting the story of Food Truck Date #11 to you in the 10 Stages of a Blind Date. One that might go really well, then even better, then kinda okay, then shaky, then fabulous again, then… (You gotta read to find out): Stage One of a Blind Date: This is the stage before you even meet your blind date, and you just don’t give a fuuuuu, so you might ... read more

8th January 2013