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Food Truck Date #10: Smooth is Only As Smooth Does

holding hands

When sharing the details about Food Truck Boy #10 in my post prior to the date, I nicknamed the guy Rico Suave for a reason. Foreshadowing bitches! Some men just have the gift of smooth, and this guy was a kissing, hands-all-over, saying-and-doing-all-the-right-things, flirty smooooth operator. Well, that is, until the end of the date… Rico Suave was one of the first guys to apply for a Food Truck Date when I ... read more

21st December 2012

Food Truck Date #7: Tempering Expectations, LOGISTICS & the 80/20 Rule

bar agricole

For this Food Truck Date, California Meat Boy and I will be doing a “he said/she said” version of our date with dating advice for the both ladiezz and gents… Enjoy, lovers. xo She: Prior to Food Truck Date #7, California Meat Boy and I were exchanging emails to plan out the evening of our date. He sent me an email that “took the date by the horns,” so to ... read more

11th December 2012

Food Truck Date #9: Pseudo Russian Mail Order Brides Love

food truck at wedding

Lovers! Did you know that this little 50 Food Truck Dates project of mine has officially turned me into a rent-a-date?! How neat is that. One minute you could be a just another boring citizen who pays rent and rides the bus downtown every day with a coffee and laptop to hack away on the Interwebs, occasionally hitting up happy hour on a Tuesday for some unsuspecting male meat, and the next! ... read more

28th November 2012

Food Truck Date #8: Five Niners Are The Hidden Gems of Dating + 10 Top Reasons to Date ‘Em

food truck date - senor sisig burrito

Riddle me this, ladies: if a guy messages you on an online dating site with 5’9” listed as his height, do you respond to him, or skip him? Ima gonna venture out and guess that the majority of you would say, “Skip ‘em!” because you think 5’9” is too short. I’m here to tell you why you should all stop this picky, selective behavior immediately, and it comes from my ... read more

13th November 2012

Food Truck Date #5: JewBoo, My JewFro & Me

jBBB in old world food truck

Lovers – do you know that there are two different types of Jews (snow Jews and pretty Jews), Jews are taught to procreate with other Jews at Jewish Summer Camp when they’re young, dreidel is a gambling game, Sarah Silverman is the hot Jewish poster child, Jews will try to talk down the price of wine at a mini mart, and Jewish girls are “TURBO sluts!!!”? (Jewish Big Balls Batman, ... read more

31st October 2012

Food Truck Date #4: The Epic Greek Rendezvous

photo 1

The story of my Greek Food Truck Date is a European story of whirlwind romance, if you will… (read: this one is for the ladiezzz) Imagine a warm and windy night in Mykonos – the Greek party island located just south of Athens in the Cyclades Islands. It’s hot enough to wear a sundress, with a slight breeze that picks up the edges of your skirt and lays them down ... read more

20th October 2012

Guest Food Truck Date #1: Meat is Always a Good Choice


This is a series of guest posts I’ll have on my site while I’m in Greece September 13-30th. My 50 Food Truck Dates will commence when I’m back! Until then, enjoy the fruits of Katie‘s Bearded Clam Dipper labor…  “My parent’s friends are an untapped dating resource.” Said no one, ever. So when my mother told me her friend Debbie had someone she wanted to, “hook me up with,” for, ... read more

27th September 2012

Food Truck Date #3: Kink is a 4-Letter Word on a 1st Date and Girth is 5. Or Visa Versa.

food truck date

Me: “These fries are awesome – just the right amount of girth!” The Philosopher: … … … I’m just going to let you sit on that one, awkwardly, for awhile. Yep. I said GIRTH on a first date. When referring to fries. Annnnnd, that’s the moment I learned I might be the world’s worst first dater ever, since I blurt out 95% of what’s on my mind without passing it ... read more

5th September 2012

Food Truck Date #2: Keep on Truckin’

photo 1

For Food Truck Date #2 with the Smile that Wooed TSA, we set it up using a new dating site that launched in the Bay Area called How About We. People post date ideas such as, “How about we… go on a food truck date?” and interested parties respond. It’s a fun way to just cut to the chase on meeting someone for a date that appeals to both your ... read more

24th August 2012