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Oozy Goozy, Spicy Fried Egg Sandwiches at Adam’s Grub Truck

adam's grub truck

At SoMa StrEatFood Park & FunCheapSF’s Halloween food truck party, I had the pleasure of trying Adam’s Grub Truck – a San Francisco food truck with food the owner Adam William Lee calls “Fun and innovative Asian Fusion Sandwiches with a flare for the ridiculous.” I call them oozy goozy, spicy fried egg sandwiches on buttery brioche buns that you’ve GOT TO try. I stopped in my tracks when I read ... read more

1st December 2012

The Best Damn Burrito You’ll Ever Have is at Senor Sisig Food Truck

senor sisig food truck

There are a few “cool kids” food trucks in San Francisco that always have a snaking, long ass line around the block at Off the Grid Fort Mason on Friday nights, making it impossible to wait in if you’re starving (which 8 times out of 10, I always am). The Senor Sisig food truck is one of them, so I was stoked that Grayzilla and I happened upon Senor Sisig during our ... read more

21st November 2012

Old World Food Truck & C.R.E.A.M. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

CREAM cookie sandwiches berkeley

As previously mentioned in my post about Food Truck Date #5 with my JewBoo, JBBB and I traveled to Off the Grid Berkeley to track down the Jewish San Francisco food truck – Old World Food Truck. Old World Food Truck serves “Jewish and Eastern European soul food” and is owned by fellow Jew, Kenny Hockert, “Owner/Chef/Mensch.” Hockert boasts a culinary background that originates in New York City and has taken ... read more

5th November 2012

Del Popolo Pizza Food Truck & Off the Grid’s Picnic at Presidio

Neapolitan-style pizzas del popolo

For the month of October only, Off the Grid has launched a “Picnic at Presidio” food truck event on Sundays at the Presidio Main Post Lawn. In addition to a few food trucks, there’s more than 20 food vendors from San Francisco’s culinary best such Stag Dining Group, Nopalito and Humphrey Slocombe, lawn games for rent such as boccee and ladder golf, and Bloody Mary’s and mimosas to order. Since ... read more

25th October 2012

Fins on the Hoof Food Truck

50 Food Truck Dates - 31

Ahh Fins on the Hoof food truck – home to the girthy fries. If you remember, Fins of the Hoof was the truck I visited on Food Truck Date #3 with The Philosopher. He listed his favorite food as burgers, and so we sought out this “surf and turf” truck at Off the Grid Proxy in Hayes Valley. I was intrigued by Fins on the Hoof’s name and cute tagline (“where the sea ... read more

2nd October 2012

Smokin’ Warehouse Food Truck

smoking warehouse bbq sf

On my somewhat lackluster date with The Smile that Wooed TSA, I mentioned that we settled on the Smokin’ Warehouse food truck that was parked for dinner service that night at SoMa Streat Food Park in San Francisco. Smokin’ Warehouse started in a commercial warehouse in Bayview that slow-smokes and slow-cooks barbecue meats in their “secret oven.” They now also operate a food truck and are most known for their ... read more

24th August 2012

Let’s Eat Grill Stop Food Truck

let's eat grill stop food truck sf

On Date #1 with Reincarnated Fish, we visited SoMa Streat Food Park to find the perfect food truck for our date. It was my first time hitting up the fairly new food truck pod in San Francisco, which boasts flat screens for watching games, alcohol, and a rotating variety of food trucks on a weekly basis. It’s a pretty sweet spot! Totally odd location, since it’s in a bit of ... read more

17th August 2012

Best San Francisco Food Trucks?

namu kimchee fried rice street food cart

One of the things I’m looking forward to most about this project ahead of me is the FOOD, obvs. There are approximately 150 food trucks or street food carts in the Bay Area, and I’ve only hit about five San Francisco food trucks. That leaves a whole lot of exciting, unturned food gems ahead of me. My goal with this site is to not only talk about the good and ... read more

1st August 2012