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Seattle Biscuit Company Food Truck + Beer at Chuck’s Hop Shop

seattle biscuit company food truck

When I moved away from Seattle two years ago, I left a city with a very small food truck scene. A few food trucks would sit curbside downtown for lunch, but they were largely absent from events and festivals and not a part of my every day life. Now, two years later, the food truck scene is growing in my favorite little Pacific Northwest city, and it’s fun to come ... read more

6th July 2013

A Three-Day Tour of Portland Breakfast Food Carts

egg carton portland

When planning my 50 Dates trip to the City of Roses, I was incredibly excited about all the Portland breakfast food carts in the city. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and we’re lacking breakfast food trucks in San Francisco. (BOOOO Purdue!) As previously mentioned in one of my Food Truck Bucket List posts, I also have had a semi obsession with the Fried Egg I’m in ... read more

11th June 2013

Portland Food Cart Stories with


“Food cart owners represent the best of the American Dream – bootstrapping their way to a better life,” said Steven Shomler, self-proclaimed food cart fan. Steven becomes a little emotional as he tells me the story of Nong – of the infamous Nong’s Khao Mon Gai food cart – and her dream to see her sauce in stores someday, which came true for her last fall. “The idea of people ... read more

25th May 2013