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Dating March Madness: Let the Games Begin (& Win a Month of Dating Coaching)!


Okay girls, March Madness starts this week, and even though we have breasts and brains and everything to make guys love us, chances are all of their attention for the next three weeks is lost to the large golden globe of the basketball courts. So, I’ve decided to create a little tournament bracket and challenge for us gals for Dating March Madness where we’ll be doing some fun things to ... read more

20th March 2013

So, My Dating Coach Tells Me I’m Waiting for the Equivalent of the Halley’s Comet of Love

halley's comet of love 2

I’ve been in love – well, the only thing I know to be real love – once in my life. And it happened 12 years ago. This love made me feel like the luckiest person alive, the craziest, the most loved and at times, the most alone. It left me starry eyed and all consumed while lying on blankets in the woods, dancing to rock ‘n roll love songs, and ... read more

19th March 2013

Valentine’s Day – Meh. Instead, Let’s Make it National Food Truck Date Day!


February 14th – that sounds familiar. What day is that again? Oh yeah – Valentine’s Day. The day that seems to be hated more and more each passing year, and by everyone, according to SF Weekly. Here’s what I hate – Valentine’s Day leaves couples and singles feeling broke, bored and bummed. There’s a lot of bemoaning about needing to “prove” your love one contrite day a year, and a ... read more

6th February 2013

Mensch of the Month Calendar + Food Truck Dates

mensch of the month

Happy Hump Day, belated Feliz Navidad, hippity hoppity New Years and all that shiz. I took a two-week siesta from the Internet and am back to grab 2013 by the dating balls. I’m mostly excited for all the possibility 50 Food Truck Dates has in the New Year and have a list about a mile long of goals and plans… so woop, there it is. Before I left for the holidays in Seattle, I was ... read more

2nd January 2013

Off to Greece Until October 1st – Guest Posting Commencing

Lovers! I’ll be off the grid in Greece from now until October 1st, so Food Truck Dates will commence with a FURY when I’m back full time. In the meantime, I’ve lined up some guest posting, so this is what you can look forward to while I’m gone: A guest Food Truck Date post from a girl friend of mine in Seattle A guest post from a truckie gal in ... read more

13th September 2012


(Frequently Asked Food Truck Date Questions) I’ll be updating these over the year as these come up, but here are some answers to the questions I get every time I tell someone about 50 Food Truck Dates: What happens when you meet someone date 10 or before 50 Dates is over? If I meet someone early, I met them through a 50 Food Truck Date, riiighhht?! So I’m counting on ... read more

1st August 2012