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Food Truck Bucket List: Fried Egg I’m In Love

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.13.31 PM

In honor of being one week away from my trip to Portland for Food Truck Dates and reviewing the food truck cart (what it’s known as in PDX) scene, this week I’m highlighting a food truck that has been on my bucket list for some time – Fried Egg I’m in Love. Said truck is on my food truck dream list for three reasons: 1) I love the punny Cure ... read more

17th May 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Bacon Jam Fries from The Peached Tortilla


This week’s Food Truck Bucket List (Friday!) is sponsored by my excitement in buying tickets to Austin for Food Truck Dates and alllllll the food trucks I can possibly eat at in four days! I’ll be heading to Austin June 4-8th, and I’m ooohhhhh so excited to spend four days focused on Austin’s famous food truck scene. You can tell when I’m excited because I start to drawl out vowels ... read more

8th March 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Ajumama Food Truck

ajumama food truck

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday, and that means it’s time for Food Truck Bucket List Friday! This weekend is my birthday, so I’m heading south for a mini road trip with my five best San Francisco girl friends to stay a night in Monterey, California. We’re piling in a suite with a fireplace and feather beds, and going to drink some wine and hotel hot tub it up after our dinner ... read more

11th January 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Short Leash Hot Dogs w/ Cracker Jacks [+RECIPE]

short leash hot dog with cracker jacks

via @sabol74 on Instagram Happy Friday lovers! This weekend I’m going to Bay Area Brew Fest with dozens of local brews and food trucks on Saturday, and then catching the Seahawks vs. Redskins playoff game on Sunday, mostly because I want to put my Seahawks jersey on and drink beer with boys. What are youuuuu doing? This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday takes us to hot and sticky Phoenix, Arizona ... read more

4th January 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Duffeyrolls Served Out of an Old VW Van

Duffeyroll VW Food Truck Van

This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday takes us to Denver, Colorado and a food truck that started in 1986 –  before street food was a trend. Nick Ault and Jim Duffey started serving their Duffeyrolls cinnamon rolls out of a push cart on the streets of Denver. Now a local staple for Denver residents and what one of the cofounders calls “the Grey Poupon of cinnamon rolls,” they own three ... read more

22nd December 2012

Food Truck Bucket List: Ms P’s Electric Cock

ms p's electric cock

I’m starting a new blog series on Fridays! It’s called Food Truck Bucket List Friday where I’ll share a food truck I want to try in the wide food truck world outside San Francisco. If you have a food truck in your city that you love or has a super yummy dish that can’t be missed, let me know about it! This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday destination is Austin, ... read more

14th December 2012