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Comeback Kid

Things are finally a brewin’ over here again at 50 Dates after some soul searchin and a brief health & mental break…

  • Since I’ve been off Food Truck Datin’ since my Austin trip in June, I’m considering my next Food Truck Date on October 1st not only the commemoration of my 25th date and halfway point, but also an extra special “comeback” date. I’ll be hitting the East Bay with a gent who works for Doc’s of the Bay and Behind the Food Carts will be photographing it! I’m even getting picked up on my date IN the truck, and plan to do a little cookin’ & servin’ on our date. <3 I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting DIRTY, lovers.

DontCallIt_2 copy

  • I’ve also been asked to contribute to two books about food trucks! I met Tiffany of Trailer Food Diaries in Austin, and she’s finally making her way to the Bay for a San Francisco edition of her wayyy cool cookbooks. I’ll be hosting her while she’s here in October, and contributing an excerpt to her book in addition to Portland Food Cart Adventures‘ book out next year too! Only hoping I can return the favor someday when I’m finished with this project and writing my own book…
  • I’ll possibly be making an appearance on Eat St. Food Network Canada show  - they travel North America in search of the best food trucks and have invited me to talk on air about food trucks in SF (they’ll be filming this week and next at some of my favorite local trucks including but not limited to Koja Kitchen, Old World Truck and Adam’s Grub Truck)!
  • AND I’m nearing the end of writing my one year recap, which has been quite the haul, but it should be up next week! It’s taken me a bit to process the last year and all that’s happened, but I think I have some great things to share with you. Getting over this little aversion to dating & writing hump also promises posts from the content that’s been sitting in my dusty Food Truck Date brain and needs to be written – dates 17-24, my trip to Austin, and finishing up my trip to Portland. Phew! It’s been incredibly nice to not guilt and stress over this project so much for the last three months, so I’m feeling more than ready to get back on the saddle. Fall IS my favorite season, so it should be a great season to date and snuggle.

Mazel tov, lovers! xo

P.S. One of my favorite artists, Brett Dennen, inspired the title of my post:

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Jeanna's going on 50 Food Truck Dates - 50% for the story, 50% for the love and 25% for the food. That's more than 100%, but who's judging. Follow her food and date adventures in San Francisco and beyond by subscribing to via email or RSS.
19th September 2013
  • Kelly@Running Blonde

    Whoop! Welcome back! Congrats on all of the accomplishments and features lady!

    • the50dates

      Thanks so much Kelly! Glad you’re following along. <3

  • cariannlyle

    There you are! So excited about the books/TV gigs — congrats, friend!

    • the50dates

      Thanks MISS! xoxo

  • Mel

    Welcome back! :)

    • the50dates

      I’m coming at you @MellieMel:disqus! Next month I’ll be in Phili for work for a few days (Oct 29th) and hope we can meet up, maybe hit up a food truck? I might try to squeeze one date in. Have any friends?

      • Mel

        Ooh, Philly is like 5 hours away from me. :(
        I will let you know if I think of anyone date-worthy though!

        • the50dates

          SHOOT. Why did I think you lived in Phili?!

          • Mel

            I’m in the same state! haha Just on the other side of it (Pittsburgh).

  • Sarah Alway

    Glad to see you back at it!

    • the50dates

      This Sarah! Miss yah! xo