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Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket: Don’t Hate the FINAL EIGHT

Okay, we’ve finally reached the FINAL EIGHT in the Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket to find what’s most important in our Dream Boat Love Life! I know this month has been allllll about Dating March Madness, but it’s almost over, and then it’ll be back to regular scheduled programming with my Food Truck Dates!

I hope you’ve been having a little fun following along and voting. I’ve loved seeing the results, and the Google Hangouts with professional dating coaches Lindsay Chrisler and Daniel Packard have by far been my favorite! I’ll recap it for everyone who wants to do their own personal dating challenge after Dating March Madness.

Here are the results (click to view the larger version):


Everything I voted for in the Final 16 won out EXCEPT Region 3 (The Day-to-Day). I want a guy to make me laugh and go out with me! Those are actually two of my most important things I’m looking for in a man. :) Anywho – it’s not just me, it’s all of our lady lumps put together, so it’s interesting to see how things are playing out. We’re almost there! Let’s find the Final Four! Get your vote on from now until Friday:

Round Four: Final Eight Matchups

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3rd April 2013
  • Sarah Alway

    I’m with the majority on all of these ones! :-)

    • the50dates

      Good! It’s been interesting to see how they shake out. I’m MOST interested to see what quality wins! Wouldn’t it have been funny if it was “mindblowing sex.” haha.

  • Emma Buktenica

    I only voted in the first round, and now this one. I somehow missed everything in between.
    Sidenote: Will the results of this be sent to all 3.5 billion men in the world? I think they would find it exceedingly useful.