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Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket: Let’s Vote!

Okay ladies! Let’s get ready to rummmblllleee!! March Madness tournaments have been on all day. I sat next to a bearded hottie on the plane this afternoon and all he could do is chew his fingers off (seriously, the entire flight) and text his friends about the Gonzaga game and how nervous he was. He didn’t even look at me or make a peep, and I was totally trying to eyef*ck him. BORING. March Madness has definitely taken over the male species.

Anywhooo, here’s ROUND ONE in the Dating March Madness tournament bracket! Vote on what between the two matchups from Da Emotional Region and Da Physical Region is most important to you in your DREAM BOAT LOVE LIFE… we’ll keep the votes up until March 23rd, then we’ll go into Round Two to vote on the matchups for Da Day-to-Day and Da Future.

REGION ONE: Da Emotional

REGION TWO: Da Physical

And again… here’s the entire Dating March Madness bracket:


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22nd March 2013