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El Tonayense Food Truck is for the Cheap Taco Lovers in SF

El Tonayense food truck

El Tonayense food truck via @jdgut on Instagram

Tacos tacos tacos! Come get your tacos, lovers. Who doesn’t love a good taco?! Well, do be honest, I’m more of a burrito girl (GIRTH, I need some GIRTH), but I feel like half the world could exist solely on tacos, if given the opportunity.

The taco scene in San Francisco is almost talked about more than Karl the Fog - from Tacolicious and Nick’s Crispy Tacos to every taqueria in The Mission … aaannnd taco trucks, of course!

El Tonayense is one of the more famous taco trucks in San Francisco, and the food truck that Puma Bait and I decided to try during Food Truck Date #12. El Tonayense has three taco trucks, all located on Harrison St. from approximately 11th to 19th, and we hit up the one on 11th.

I ordered their burrito – pretty good, standard burrito from a Mexican taqueria, and Puma Bait ordered three of El Tonayense’s tacos, which looked, and tasted kinda dry. They seemed to need more salsa or marinade from the meat.

el tonayense taco truck sf

Overall, we weren’t overwhelmed by our food, and I didn’t go running to tell everyone about the best tacos I’d ever had in San Francisco. BUT, I’m not calling this a fair review since we only tried two basic items on their very extensive menu. I want to go back some time over this next year and try their breakfast menu (breakfast burritos, what?!) and their specialty items like chile relleno.

The best thing about El Tonayense, however, is the PRICE. $1.75 per taco and $6 for a super burrito makes for a CHEAP date! Ai ai ai ai ai!

Overall Rating: 3-star

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5th March 2013