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A Three-Day Tour of Portland Breakfast Food Carts

When planning my 50 Dates trip to the City of Roses, I was incredibly excited about all the Portland breakfast food carts in the city. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and we’re lacking breakfast food trucks in San Francisco. (BOOOO Purdue!)

As previously mentioned in one of my Food Truck Bucket List posts, I also have had a semi obsession with the Fried Egg I’m in Love food cart since finding them on Twitter. So it was with great excitement that I planned my Portland trip around eating at a breakfast cart erry morning!

Here’s my mini tour of three of Portland’s most infamous breakfast carts…

Day 1: Fried Egg I’m in Love

fried egg i'm in love portland

Our first stop in Portland was Fried Egg I’m in Love – a cart started by two bandmates and friends who have aptly named their “non fancy schmancy, grab ‘n go” breakfast sandwiches with punny, musical names such as Yolk Ono, Smells Like Protein Spirit (Nirvana baby!) and With Or WithTrout You. My sister and I laughed for a good five minutes about that last one. Then she said, “”Can you get the ‘With or Withtrout You’ sandwich withtrout trout?” and we laughed for another five minutes.

Even the name of this cart is a punny Cure song, which I couldn’t help but to sing when we arrived – I was that excited.

I chose to sink my teeth into the Sriracha Mix A Lot (everything is made better with a fried egg and spice!). This b-fast sando has ham, avocado, havarti, tomato and fried egg with Sriracha on sourdough. That might be the definition of all my favorite breakfast ingredients on one sandwich – and it was super tasty and satisfying. Well worth the $6 price, and because it’s not super messy – perfect to snag on-the-go.

sriracha mix a lot - fried egg i'm in love

My sister ordered a Yolko Ono, which is Fried Egg I’m in Love’s signature sandwich and is slathered with cart made pesto and includes a cart hand-pressed sausage patty with parmesan and a fried egg on sourdough bread.

yolko ono fried egg i'm in love cart

Overall, Fried Egg I’m in Love serves up tasty breakfast sandwiches that won’t have a ton of crazy fancy, gourmet ingredients and won’t break your bank account, but will serve a breakfast purpose – to fill you up with good tasting food.

I even commemorated my weird obsession with this cart (I just like puns!) by buying a T-shirt I’m going to rock on the streets of SF. Well, at least rock to bed.

Fried Egg I’m in Love
3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd
New location at the Good Food Here pod on SE 43rd & Belmont

Tues-Fri, 8:30-3pm & Weekends, 9-3pm
Twitter: @friedegglove & Facebook

Day 2: The Egg Carton

egg carton portland

When I talked to some of the locals and other cart owners and bloggers about my intention of doing “food cart breakfast” in Portland, errryone told me to try The Egg Carton. The good news was, my trip coincided with The Egg Carton’s one-year anniversary, so they had a special that was calling my name: The Hot Momma Bennie. I mean, that LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY could be my name. Minus the bennie.

This glorious eggs benedict dish (a personal top fav of mine for breakfast) included two halves of toasted english muffin topped with Hot Momma spicy sausage, poached egg, hollandaise and Sriracha kale chips:

egg carton portland

What I loved most about The Egg Carton is that they serve their breakfast on china dishes, so it feels like you’re ordering a home-cooked meal out of a cart. Just like a restaurant, just a little quicker and cheaper! This little cart with its spicy benedict, home fries and china dishes made me grin from ear-to-ear.

egg carton portland

My breakfast dining partner ordered this amazing breakfast creation – The Famous FoPo Christo, which is fried egg, chunks of bacon, Canadian bacon, Tillamook cheddar cheese, spicy mustard, and strawberry jam between two slices of French toast dusted with powdered sugar. All of us took turns trying this ooey gooey sweet and savory confection, and these were a few quotes about this sandwich:

“I can’t believe this breakfast sandwich. I’m dying – this is sooo good. This is by far the best breakfast I’ve had in the last year.”

“They really hit it out of the park with that [sandwich].”

egg carton portland

Overall, this is how happy we were after leaving The Egg Carton: (That’s my little sis, gents. Hands off – she’s taken).

egg carton portland

The Egg Carton
5205 SE Foster Rd, Portland
Mon, 8:30 – 2pm; Thu – Fri, 8:30 – 2 pm & Sat – Sun, 9 – 3pm
Twitter @eggcartonPDX & Facebook

Day 3: Yolk PDX

Yolk PDX portland breakfast food cart

Surprisingly, in my convos with everyone about Portland breakfast food carts, Yolk was never mentioned. I only found it with a quick Google search brought me to “Portland’s Best New Food Carts 2012.” I’m going to venture this was because it’s a little new and slightly off the beaten path.

Portland peeps, Yolk is MY favorite Portland breakfast food cart I went to out of the three. I hate to play favorites, but there were three things that brought me to this conclusion: 1) the uniqueness of their sandwiches with ingredients and combos to suit any breakfast palette, 2) the homemade roasted red pepper hot sauce they make at the cart and serve with each sandwich and 3) the GD hazelnut, maple bacon brioche roll (to.die.for).

A few of the treats me and my dining partners ordered were…

The Power Housed sandwich (over medium eggs with braised greens, onions, peppers and white American cheese on an English muffin, ADD bacon!):

yolk pDX power housed breakfast sandwich

The Brother Bad Ass sandwich (maple glazed pork belly with aged white cheddar, broken egg and spring lettuces on a pretzel roll or baguette):

Yolk PDX Brother Bad Ass portland breakfast food cart

And of course, the infamously maple glazed brioche roll with hazelnuts and bacon sprinkled on top, served warm and gooey. We practically licked the foil clean with this one!

Hazelnut, bacon, maple brioche roll Yolk PDX

Overall, the fam dam was superbly happy with this breakfast cart (so much so I couldn’t get my sister and mom to turn away from their food when I was taking a pic). Good ole dad came through with the pork belly sandwich grin though.

family at yolk PDX portland breakfast food cart
Yolk PDX
48th & Woodstock, Portland
Mon, 8:30 – 1:30 pm & Wed – Sun, 8:30 – 1:30 pm
Twitter: @yolkPDX and Facebook

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11th June 2013
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