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FINAL FOUR!! We’re Almost To The End of the Dating March Madness Bracket!

Phew … this is a lot of voting and a lot of work! Who knew. Those boys doing these basketball brackets are cray. Boys are cray! (Haha).

I’m dying to see the final MOST important characteristic in our Dream Boat Love Life from this Dating March Madness bracket! Almost there … Final Four! Let’s vote from now through Tuesday on the Final Four, which then will bring us the final face off for two, which we’ll vote for on Wednesday and then I’ll announce by end of week. March Madness is almost over, so we’re a bit behind on the bracket, but here goes nothin!

Results of Final Eight:


 Round Five: Final Four Matchups

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8th April 2013
  • Sarah Alway

    I’ve been checking back every day, I can’t wait to see what the winner is!!

    • the50dates

      Ahhhhhhh – I’m behind! Last round going up now. :)