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Fins on the Hoof Food Truck

Ahh Fins on the Hoof food truck – home to the girthy fries.

If you remember, Fins of the Hoof was the truck I visited on Food Truck Date #3 with The Philosopher. He listed his favorite food as burgers, and so we sought out this “surf and turf” truck at Off the Grid Proxy in Hayes Valley. I was intrigued by Fins on the Hoof’s name and cute tagline (“where the sea meets the barnyard”) and love that they source everything locally in the Bay Area. Plus plus, in my book!

I ordered Fins on the Hoof’s “PBLTS,” which was a pork belly, lettuce, tomato and slaw sandwich on thick white bread from Acme Bread Company with a side of Fin’s sweet potato fries. I’m a huge, huge fan of BLT sandwiches, so was super excited to sink my teeth into this. Until that is, my teeth got stuck in the tough, pork belly on my first bite. I was so confused! Pork belly is supposed to be melt-in-your-mouth style bacon. This was overcooked to an extreme (or a poor product – not sure the culprit), and literally made my sandwich inedible. Disappointing! The fries were good – but didn’t stand out from any other sweet potato fries I’ve had, so overall my meal was a fail/semi-win.

The Philosopher ordered the burger – which he raved about and claimed they had baked onions into the bun, which is what really sold the burger for him. And then the lucky bastard also ordered the girthy fries (which were some dang good fries), so his meal was a win/win. Gosh, I loved those girthy fries. They ended up being my meal since I couldn’t eat my sandwich. Fins on the Hoof gets FIVE stars for their fries.

 Now THAT is a beautiful burger shot

Personally, I wasn’t super happy with my meal. When having one “fail” meal at a food truck, it’s hard for me to write it off because food truck rotate and change their menus all the time. Given the previous menu items that I’ve seen Fins on the Hoof offer and the amount of their raving Yelp reviews, I really want it to give it another go. I’m disappointed to see, however, that they’ve dropped off managing their Facebook and Twitter community for the last 30+ days, so perhaps they’re going through some shifts and changes.

I’ll be adding Fins on the Hoof into my rotation during my 50 dates over the next year to give ‘em another shot just because any place that focuses on including bacon in most of their dishes has a special place in my heart.

You can find more about Fins on the Hoof on their website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Overall Rating:

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2nd October 2012
  • Katie Grimes

    Do NOT underestimate the power of girth. In fact, may I suggest a ‘girth’ rating for all dates…errr, trucks(?) moving forward? :)

    • the50dates

      YEAH – a girth rating!! Genius, Katie G.

  • spencerspellman

    I had the same experience with Fins on the Hoof. It wasn’t a bad meal, per se, I just was left feeling kind of like “eh”. Of the numerous trucks I’ve tried, it’s toward the bottom of the ladder. I did the oyster sandwich, and just expected more. I wanted to like it, but it didn’t quite do it for me.

    • the50dates

      Yeah … eh sums up how I felt. I’ve read not-so-great reviews of their oyster sandwich. I think they have a great concept, they just need to refine their menu!