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Food Truck Boy #1: The Reincarnated Fish

This isn’t really Edward – he got a little spooked about having his photo up so I switched it out for him with this one. One time exception for the man who is brave enough to be date #1!

Name: Edward aka The Reincarnated Fish

Edward’s Life Story in 5 Sentences or Less:

I was born and raised in New York. I love the beach, swimming, boats, skiing – hell let’s just throw in a good steam sauna, and then I can say that basically I love water in any of its forms. I’m probably a reincarnated fish. I am an entrepreneur and just moved to SF from the Big Apple four months ago to work on my newest startup. I am on also a quest to find the best tacos here in SF!

Three Words Edward’s Friends Would Use to Describe Him: Funny, witty, smartass.

A Few Deets: Edward thinks the best band ever is The Clash, likes his eggs scrambled, and would prefer a good ole glass of Cabernet instead of a PBR.

The Date: Edward is a self-proclaimed taco fanatic, so I choose The Taco Guys truck for our date this Sunday. Since the only food truck pod in the Bay Area on Sundays is in Off the Grid Larkspur in Marin County, Edward and I are taking the ferry from San Francisco to Larkspur for some live music and tacos on the other side of the water. I’m looking forward to The Taco Guys’ Maui Fish Taco and a Watermelon Basil Cooler! (Is it weird that by eating a fish taco, I could be eating some of Edward’s ancestors?!)

Stay tuned next week to hear about Food Truck Date #1…

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10th August 2012
  • Andre Bourque

    This whole thing is so brilliant. I just love it.

  • Jeanna

    I really appreciate your support, Andre – thanks for tuning in!

  • http://URL Heather

    I’m kind of obsessed with this! I am dying to hear how Date #1 went. :)

    • Jeanna

      Ha! Love that you’re obsessed, Heather! :) Date #1 went well! The details will be live this week! Stay tuned…

  • http://URL Akvile Harlow

    Sounds like a fun guy! Can’t wait to hear how your taco adventure panned out! :D

  • Denny Christner

    Good stuff Jeanna! I’d like to even sponsor you… It may take away any awkwardness over who pays too!

    • Jeanna

      Sponsor me!? Awesome. :) Shoot me an email. Thanks for the support, Denny!

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