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Food Truck Boy #10: Rico Suave & His Dog

food truck boy 10

Name: Alejandro aka Rico Suave

Life Story in Five Sentences or Less (in his words): 

1) I’m a first generation (born here) son of Colombian immigrants (they did it by the book).
2) I grew up in love with music, the sea and the mountains and fell in deep love (infatuation really) repeatedly.
3) After college I worked for Microsoft for a year and then quit to pursue music full-time.
4) Barely breaking even (spectacularly) for five years led me to join the 9-to-5 work force but, in full denial of course, I proceeded to moonlight with performing and hosting art+music events, until finally leaving Seattle for Washington DC at the end of 2010.
5) A year and a half later, here I am in San Francisco: young, broke and fabulous, designing websites to pay bills and looking for full time work.

A Few Deets: Rico Suave’s favorite band is CUT COPY, which is one of MY favorite bands too. Seriously – their Bright Like Neon Love album has been one of my main anthems this past year and a half, check it out! I always love a guy with a good taste in music, so that’s a major plus for this food truck boy.

Rico Suave said his friends would describe him as passionate, warm and worldly, and his favorite food is arepas – a griddled cornmeal crepe-like pancake from Columbia. Have you had them? I’ve never even heard of them, so I’m adding arepas to my foods-to-try list.

Rico Suave also sent me a pic of his funny little Italian Greyhound named Seba to make me laugh. Success! How could this pic not make you smile?

The Date: This food truck boy and I will be meeting at my usual haunt these days, SoMa StrEatFood Park (my BFF says my apartment is the third place I spend my most time – #1 is SoMa StrEatFood Park and #2 is other random bars, restaurants and events in San Francisco. So true! I’m rarely home these days. I’ll sleep when I die).

Rico Suave was actually one of the first guys to apply to go on a Food Truck Date when I launched back in August, but time and Greece got away from me, so I’m just now getting around to scheduling our date. The two of us have some things in common, (including living in Seattle and mutual friends), so I’m looking forward to finally meeting him and hearing about his unique Columbian background and career path (boy can rap!)

Stay tuned for Food Truck Date #10…

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30th November 2012