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Food Truck Boy #11: Puma Bait

food truck boy 11

Name: Greg aka Puma Bait (cause I’m a sexy puma, rawr, and he’s only 23, lovers !!!) aka my Truck Love Twin (because he also started a food truck tracking website in San Francisco called EdibleAve!)

Life Story in Five Sentences or Less (in his words): 

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I went to school in LA and masterfully mastered a degree in Business Administration. You’ve heard the quote by Socrates, “A wise man knows he knows nothing at all,” yeah well…so true. I want to live life in the moment and enjoy it with happy people. I went camping for 2 weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail/JMT this summer solo and 100% loved it. I see that your minimum age range is a little high (age = 23)…HOWEVER, I strongly urge you to think about the good song, free laugh, free meal you’ll get ha….oh, how could I forget without going over the 5 sentences, I run the EdibleAve site as well!

A Few Deets About Him: Puma Bait might be the youngest Food Truck Boy thus far, but he did check ALL the right boxes in my Date Jeanna application.

welcome to my box samantha quote

If you care, here’s the answer key:

Sriracha vs. Tapatio vs. Cholulu
Introvert vs. Extrovert
Stay In vs. Go Out
Tent vs. Hotel
PBR vs. Cabernet.

Sooooo we’re already off to a lots-in-common flying start on paper, at least.

He also says his friends would describe him as adventurous, crazy and sarcastic, he could eat Mexican food and sushi “forever” (ME TOO, Puma Bait!!), and he claims his hidden talent is picking the perfect song for someone based off two other songs they like. I’m obviously going to be putting this one to the test… he sent me a music video from Flight Facilities, which is pretty darn good. I love a dude with a great taste in music, even if we weren’t born in the same decade. (Like woah).

A Joke He Told Me to Make Me Laugh:

What does a nosy pepper do?
Get jalapeno business

Cute and silly!

The Date: Puma Bait and I are meeting tonight at SoMa StrEatFood Park (two times in a row this week for me, since I was there last night for Lyft‘s community holiday party!). I’m hoping they’ll have a Mexican food truck OR sushi OR both for us to chow down on.

I’m excited to hear about how and why he started a food truck tracking website, and I have to admit – even though I’m totally an agist and my age minimum for my Food Truck Date application is 28, this Puma Bait sounds cute and charming, so I’m looking forward to bending the rules.

Stay tuned for Food Truck Date #11…

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13th December 2012