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Food Truck Boy #12: The (Hot) Greek Grandfather

food truck boy 12

Okay lovers – I’m back at soliciting men to Food Truck Date me. Wahoooo! Up and coming… Food Truck Boy #12! (How am I only on 12?!)

Name: Dimitri aka papou, which apparently all his friends call him. I googled it, and it means Greek grandfather?! So I’m deeming him The (Hot) Greek Grandfather cause while I’ll go allll the way down to Puma Bait and 23, I’m not about to go alll the way up to true grandfather age. Sorry old gents. Plus, look at him! He’s hot!

A Few Deets: Hot Greek Grandfather is a firefighter and a big family man – a GREEK family man. He even Greek dances. I LOVE Greece, and visited last September, so any Greek man is a friend of mine. Hot Greek Grandfather also like a little nonfiction reading, and doing stuff with his hands (yes please!). I found this little innocent food truck boy gem on OKCupid and there were a few things I liked about his profile enough to message him:

  1. His photos were funny, which tells me you don’t take yourself too seriously (one of them referenced that funny Whole Foods Parking Lot viral video).
  2. His profile painted him as having a lot of positive, lighthearted yet introspective traits that I consider myself to have too. For example, he thinks about “achieving balance” (me too) and “improving inside and out” (me too) and says he’s really good at “making the best of it” (me too) and “being the playful one (me too).
  3. He ended his profile with [If we meet up] you promise it’s going to be fun and you wont be weird and quiet and shy. we’re on a dating site for crying out loud. lets have fun and at least act foolish and laugh a lot. AMI RIGHT?! I knew I was definitely the opposite of quiet and shy, and that I could at least give Hot Greek Grandfather a laugh or two, so I figured, what the hell, let’s Food Truck Date!

The Date: Hot Greek Grandfather and I made plans to meet each other Saturday afternoon at SoMa StrEatFood Park before he has plans that night with friends – so Greek food truck, here we come! Stay tuned for the story behind Food Truck Date #12! xo

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8th February 2013