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Food Truck Boy #13: The Most Interesting Man on the Planet

food truck boy 13

Name: Michael aka The Most Interesting Man on the Planet

In His Words:

A friend of mine once took a roadtrip across the US and said that Utah was one of the most beautiful states he had ever seen. So one summer I moved there from New York and worked on hiking trails for a few months.

One time a girl whom I was trying to impress said that I should join the Peace Corps, which I had never heard of at the time. The next summer I was on my way to South Africa to work in rural schools for two years.

Another time I tried to find a job by handing out resumes on the street in downtown Washington DC. It didn’t really work, but I was interviewed on national television.

And for years I’ve wanted to learn Italian. Quindi ho studiato relazioni internazionali a Bologna per un anno, e ora parlo abbastanza bene.

I set goals for myself and I accomplish them, even if it takes me years longer than I like or puts me in awkward positions. Like the time I was lost on a train in northern Slovakia and trying not to get mugged by a gypsy teenager. Or when I was driving across hours of Kalihari desert in Botswana with no signs of life. Or when I was asked to clean table legs with a toothbrush as a waiter.

A Few Deets: Um, HELLO. If you read that description, wouldn’t you want to date him? This guys sounds like The Most Interesting Man on the Planet. I’m a huge fan of people who make goals and then go after everything they need to do to accomplish those goals. I’m also a big fan of drive, passion, traveling – and living life to the fullest before you settle down. It seems that these are the things the Food Truck Boy #13 and I could start a foundation with, at minimum.

Said Most Interesting Man on the Planet also claims to be a writer with a blog (swoon) and enjoys cooking, sarcasm and yoga. Overall, he sounds smart, grounded, fun, well-rounded – a great package. I’m excited to meet him!

The Date: The Most Interesting Man on the Planet was recently relocated from the east coast for a job in the city and chose to settle his first Bay Area roots in Oakland. Since Off the Grid just launched a new weekly market on Friday nights at Lake Merritt/Oakland Museum of California in Oakland, I thought it was a perfect chance to BART over to check out the new food truck scene across the water.

Stay tuned for Food Truck Date #13 (13 is my lucky number, by the way…)

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6th March 2013