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Food Truck Boy #15: Lyft Boo

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Name: Sean aka Lyft Boo

In His Words:

Buckeye borne, bred, and educated, I escaped to a year of community service in Israel before calling the Bay Area home in the first of two stints. As an aspiring fundraising professional, I moved to Boston for a dual masters degree program and then on to Florida. Always plagued by the travel bug but inspired by Golden Gate dreams, I returned to the Bay Area (Oakland) seven years ago. After recently leaving the non-profit world, my wandering spirit spent a month traveling the Balkans before finding (interim) solace as a good-humored Lyft driver. I’m intrigued by women who hide the fact that they secretly enjoy McDonald’s at 1 am.

A Few Deets:
Since Sean so eloquently called me out at the end of his brief little life story above, I have to admit to you that I totally made Sean drive me through the drive thru of McDonald’s at 1 a.m. after he picked me up in a Lyft from my National Food Truck Date Day party at SoMa StrEatFood Park. Sometimes a girl likes a little McDonald’s cheeseburger – woopsie!

Wish I could intrigue every guy by that little charming detail of myself! This late-night McDonald’s meal inspired Sean to fill out my dating application…

Sean describes himself as an intelligent, adventurous and funny guy who thinks Tapatio is the number one hot sauce, chili is the best meal, and the idea of a good time is a hotel room with Cabernet instead of camping in a tent with PBR.

The Date:
Since Sean is a Lyft driver, we thought it’d be fun to do a “progressive Lyft dinner” by having some of his fellow Lyft drivers pick us up and take us around to food trucks in the city for a progressive dinner, starting with appetizers at Off the Grid’s North Beach market on Wednesdays, dinner at SoMa StrEatFood Park and then another meal at a few food trucks in Berkeley, across the Bay Bridge.

This date should be fun and different, and provide a number of laughs, so stay tuned for Food Truck Date #15!

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8th June 2013