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Food Truck Boy #2: The Smile That Wooed TSA

Food Truck Date #2

Name: Ian aka The Smile That Wooed TSA

Ian’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:

Born in Washington D.C., raised in Miami, lived throughout Europe and Asia in my yesteryears and now happily reside in SF – food truck capital of the world?

A Few Deets: Ian’s favorite food is Bucatini carbonara (humina humina whaaa?), he’d prefer Little Spoon over Big Spoon (whatever you say, Ian!) and would really prefer The Hilton over roughin’ it in a tent.

Did you know – Ian claims his hidden talent is that he can fly, and he once got to second base with a TSA screener?! Rowdy!

The Date: At first Ian suggested we track down brewtruc – an awesome, traveling taproom on wheels. I LOVED that idea, but was sad to discover that they’re mostly only for rent and show up to sporadic events in the city, none of which fell on this week. I WILL make brewtruc work this year, but it wasn’t in the cards for Ian and I. So we settled on rolling the dice at SoMa Streat Food Park since they rotate their trucks pretty often. Not as exciting, but I’m confident something good (at least good food truck food) will come of it!

Stay tuned next week to read about Food Truck Date #2…

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Jeanna's going on 50 Food Truck Dates - 50% for the story, 50% for the love and 25% for the food. That's more than 100%, but who's judging. Follow her food and date adventures in San Francisco and beyond by subscribing to via email or RSS.
17th August 2012
  • http://URL Janizzle fo’ Shizzle

    Humina Humina…. HOTTIE!!
    Can’t wait :)

    • Jeanna

      Humina Humina! Hahaha.

  • http://URL Jsv

    Oh SF with your beautiful men! They don’t make ‘em like that in Seattle. Having so much fun reading this blog JB!

    • Jeanna

      I know, right!? Thanks for the compliment, JV! Glad you’re following along. :)

  • sprizee

    This blog is so great. I’m in love! Nice work Jeanna! Can’t wait to follow along.

    • Jeanna

      Thank you so much! Glad you’re along for this crazy journey. :)

  • Sarah Alway

    Well I can’t see you spending forever with someone who doesn’t like roughing it in a tent, but he seems nice and funny so I’m sure it will be a fun date and hopefully the food will be yummy, too. :-)

    • Jeanna

      Sarah – You know me so well. ;)

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