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Food Truck Boy #3: The Philosopher

food truck boy

“Hey girl, picture me lying in bed, all romantically philosophizing life.”

Name: Matt aka The Philosopher

Matt’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:

Raised conservative. Left the woods to explore the world. Worked in nuclear operations, and ended up in San Francisco studying philosophy.

A Few Deets: Matt is an extrovert, but would rather stay in than go out, and his favorite band is Led Zeppelin. (RAMBLIN ONNNN).

I chose Matt for a food truck date because he made me laugh. (Laughter is the number one way to my heart – I love ‘em funny). Matt says:

If someone asks if you, “Do you have a sec?” and you answer, “I have lots of secs,” – they will forget their original question.

I’m using that line at work on regular basis now. TOTALLY appropriate!

Matt is also the originator of the funny OKCupid line I posted on the 50 Dates Facebook page, so I’m looking forward to laughing on our date.

The Date: Matt and I are heading to Off the Grid Hayes Valley @ Proxy to track down hamburgers (Matt’s favorite food) at the Fins on the Hoof food truck. Hayes Valley is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco, and the food trucks are located near Smitten, my opinion of the best ice cream in the city, and some pretty fun bars. So me thinks this food truck date is set up for success!

Stay tuned to read about Food Truck Date #4…

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30th August 2012