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Food Truck Boy #5: Jewish Big Balls Batman [with a Back Story & a Theme Song]

Name: Benjamin aka Benji aka Jewish Big Balls Batman aka JBBB

A Back Story:

Picture this … Last spring, I was invited to a “Librarians vs. Barbarians” dinner party at a friend’s house. Do you dress up as a librarian? Or a barbarian? I chose barbarian since it fits my sassy, rebel attitude a bit more. I’m there with my little sister and best friend and it’s a room FULL of people dressed up as either a librarian or a barbarian. How great of a theme party is that? (P.S. I freakin love theme parties).

librarians vs. barbarians theme party

We’re just hanging out and in walks a man in a Batman suit. A tight grey Batman suit. Because it’s a librarian vs. barbarian theme party, so why wouldn’t you show up in a Batman suit?? And his balls are HUGE. Just huge. Lovers – I promise you, this is not something I usually look at, or even care to pay attention to. But it’s hard not to stare when the guy is wearing a skintight suit and packing a pair of AK 47s in balls terms.

Jewish Big Balls Batman LOVED me – we talked a lot of the night, and it came out that he was Jewish, so I kept calling him Jewish Big Balls Batman the entire night (behind his back). I’m so mean! So a mutual friend tagged a photo on Facebook where I called him Jewish Big Balls Batman in the caption, and we’ve been friends since.

So why not go on a Food Truck Date with JBBB and see if it’s a big balls match made in heaven. (I can’t believe I just said that. Also – I don’t have balls, so it wouldn’t be a balls match. Wanted to clear that up).


Jewish Big Balls Batman’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:

Born into a healthy loving home.
When I was 9 years old a raccoon bit me on the finger at Angel Island.
Now I make videos for non-profits.

Is that a Haiku? A Limerick? A Sonnet?? Who knows – but I do know JBB is much more interesting and funny than that life story. Perhaps he’ll come out and show me his real side on our date.

A Few Deets: JBBB says his friends would describe him as a mischievous rascal (just like me!), his favorite band is The Beatles and he loves burritos. Normally I would oblige the favorite food and hunt down the rumored best burrito food truck in San Francisco, but in this case, I have another plan for us…

The Date: JBBB is Jewish (and so am I, in ancestry terms), so we’re hunting down a Jewish food truck that will be at Off the Grid Berkeley (JBB’s hood) called Old World Food Truck that features “Eastern European and Jewish Soul Food,” and I’m making him teach me how to be Jewish. Will we play dreidel? Will he wear a yamika? Or his Batman suit? Will we eat our Jewish soul food by the light of a menorah? Will we use JBBB’s videographer skills to film the date?

You’ll have to stay tuned for the recap of Food Truck Date #5 to find out…

(Also -this date even has it’s own theme song! How rad it that):

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17th October 2012
  • cariannlyle

    That picture is amazing. But please tell me you also have a picture of him in the Batman costume.

    • the50dates

      @cariannlyle:disqus I don’t! (Yet). He had stripped down to just the bottom half of the Batman suit by the time I had started taking photos of him that night. Maybe he’ll show up to the date in the Batman suit, if I’m lucky…

  • Food Truck Nerd

    From the post title I figured you were talking matzoh. I will not make that mistake again.

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