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Food Truck Boy #7: California Meat Boy

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Name: Mike aka California Meat Boy (you’ll soon find out why)…

Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: 

California boy born and raised. Said California boy went to school and worked back east for many years. California boy eventually came back to his home state, hopefully with some new perspective. And now California boy is enjoying life here more than ever. You can take the boy out of California, but you can’t take California out of the boy.

A Few Deets: This California Meat Boy is obsessed with meat. Meat, meat, meat and meat. He claims his hidden talent is “eating gluttonous amounts of cured meats” and his favorite food is “Steak Tartare or basically anything raw that was formally alive. CARNIVORE! ROAR!”

Woahhh there California Meat Boy, good thing I’m not a veggie! (And hell no am I judgin’ – I love meat probably that much too).

I usually aim to please, but me thinks there isn’t a raw meat food truck. Calling all food truck wannabes! Start a Steak Tartare Meat Food Truck and California Meat Boy will be your lifetime client. (Pssst – I’ve never had Steak Tartare!)

The Date: For those of you who follow 50 Food Truck Dates on Facebook, you were already privy to a sneak peek about this date… California Meat Boy is a handsome someone I’ve known since I first moved to San Francisco and met him on a pub crawl. They’re coming outta the woodwork for me, I tell yah! :) California Meat Boy is in his mid-30s and a super savvy dater who knows how to make ‘em swoon, so when we were scheduling our date, he sent me the following email:

“You wrote something in your blog that really struck a chord with me. You wrote that you haven’t been on a real date in nearly 2 years with the exception of these blog activities. Well, I want to change that. So, I would like to take YOU out on a REAL date. We start the evening out getting dessert or whatever food truck seems enjoyable and then after that, you let ME take you to dinner. I’ve already made a reservation for two at at Bar Agricole.”

Lovers, California Meat Boy is a gem! I seriously couldn’t have glowed more after reading his sweet message. It takes a gentleman to send an email like that, and to pay attention to the little details like the fact that I mentioned in one of my posts that I hadn’t been on a real date in nearly two years! (Before I started this project). SWOON.

So, as stated in his email, we’ll be hunting down dessert via a food truck first at SoMa StrEatFood Park and then splitting a fancy dinner at Bar Agricole. (Oh boy, and I a HUGE fan of fancy dinners). It takes a big man to take the lead and make the plans – something that I’m not used to since I’m usually the one taking the lead and making the plans. I can’t wait to sit back and enjoy the ride this time. A welcome change for lucky date #7!

Stay tuned for Food Truck Date #7 deets back here later…

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8th November 2012