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Food Truck Boy #8: He Will Tie Me Up And Buy Me Things

Okay, so I’m convinced I’m the only girl ALIVE who hasn’t read the 50 Shades of Grey series … hilarious since I’m probably the most crass, innuendo-ridden lady (that’s right, LADY) I know. So while messaging my date tonight, I was all, “Oh how cute, his name is Grey.” Not “His name is Grey and he will tie me up and buy me things” like one of my best girl friends said the minute I told her his name.

Cut straight to the chase, why don’t you lady friends?!

Name: So, date #7′s name is Grayzilla minus the zilla (and yes, I know I’m missing date #6 and #7, but they’re being slow on filling out their date forms. SO we’re going to live by the edge of our seat or pants or something and go out of order. Ehrmagawd. WAHOO! I’m so crazy).

grayzilla - 50 food truck dates

A Few Deets: I’m kinda already in love with Grayzilla … that’s dangerous territory to head into a first date with, I know. But he’s an adorable bearded man in his 30s, and has a lot of “boxes checked.” Which I have found can sometimes be the death of a blind date if the chemistry just isn’t there when you meet in person, my lovers. BUT, Grayzilla is an architect (SWOON) with adorable hobbies (snowboarding, sailing, dancing to tunes with a good beat). He’s also looking for a girl who “balances introspection with a good dose of partying your ass off.” If that isn’t me, I don’t know what is!

The Date: First off, I think it’s worth mentioning that I snagged Grayzilla by messaging him on the OKC, “Nobody f*cks with the Jesus!” Either totally creepy, if you don’t get that reference, or totally awesome, if you do. Grayzilla got it (because it’s his favorite movie). It was a good gamble. SO, we’re going on a date tonight to Off the Grid Upper Haight (a little hippie mixed with some food trucks and Giants in the World Series). Huzah. Followed by (get excited) tickets to a show at The Rickshaw Stop – cause Grayzilla likes to dance, and so do I! We’re going to catch Light Asylum and per the usual, you’ll be able to catch the date, the food review (and a music review this time too) back here in a bit.

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25th October 2012