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Food Truck Boy #9: Mustached German Wedding Date

food truck boy

Name: Mike aka Mustached German Wedding Date (soon to be sans mustache)

Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: 

Raised by French-German parents in beautiful port city Hamburg. Via college in Switzerland, and some years in San Diego, now landed and stranded in the New York of the West. In love with this city and the quirky people, and in love with my friends Will and Megan that live in DC. Will and Megan are getting married here in SF because they love the city and each other– next weekend, Saturday, and there will be a food truck!

A Few Deets: Mustached German Wedding Date says his friends would describe him as “sunnyboy, quirky and Hasselhoff.” Don’t hassle the hoff! Did you know that when David Hasselhoff was born, the nurse said, “Holy Shit! That’s David Hasselhoff!”? Then she slept with him. At that point, she was the third girl he had slept with. #

Mustached German Wedding Date’s favorite band is PEARL JAM!! Be still my beating heart. I live and breath Eddie Vedder, and own practically all of PJs albums.

Also, this date prefers PBR over wine, going out over staying in, and his favorite food is duck sliders from Maven in Lower Haight (just went there last week – it was bomb!)

The Date: In his words…

This date proposal is going to make you crack up: Will and Megan insist that I ask you to come with me to their wedding, and we have a hunch you might say yes. My Plus-One for this wedding has been a hot issue, in a pleasant, teasing way between Will, Megan and me. They have a food truck at their very Jewish wedding. And you actually know one of the bridesmaids (Brittney!). Why do you totally want to go on a blind wedding date with me? Well, because you are going to have a blast! I have a good sense of humor, my friends are hilarious, lovely great people all around, and a predictably epic wedding with food truck and cocktail bar aftermath.

SOLD Mustached German Wedding Date! How could I pass up a date proposal like this?! I’m super excited to meet Mike this weekend at the wedding and see my friend Brittany who I became close to on a yoga retreat last year in Bali! Small, bizarre little world, but I like it! Mustached German Wedding Date assures me his mustache won’t be a part of the wedding festivities, but I kinda want it to be. Movember <3

Stay tuned to hear about food truck shenanigans with my Mustached German Wedding Date!

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15th November 2012
  • Sarah Alway

    This seems like it will be so much fun!

    • the50dates

      It WAS so much fun – should have the date up this week!

  • Justin Rao

    I don’t think I have ever seen mike drink a pbr… Like in his life. I am theoing question marks all over his self-description. Hate hate hate

    • the50dates

      Boooo to you @facebook-3323428:disqus for writing the triple hate on my blog. Also, the application makes you choose between wine and PBR, so maybe he doesn’t actually like PBR, but he likes beer better than wine, I suppose is what it’s getting at.

  • Mel

    Oh. This is gonna be good. *sits back, grabs popcorn*

    • the50dates

      Haha! Hopefully I won’t make you wait too long for the recap… it takes me forever to write them! :)

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