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Food Truck Bucket List: Ajumama Food Truck


It’s Friday, Friday, Friday, and that means it’s time for Food Truck Bucket List Friday!

This weekend is my birthday, so I’m heading south for a mini road trip with my five best San Francisco girl friends to stay a night in Monterey, California. We’re piling in a suite with a fireplace and feather beds, and going to drink some wine and hotel hot tub it up after our dinner at 1833 Restaurant. (A big fancy resto in an old, haunted Clue-type mansion where they serve Absinthe the old-fashioned way). If that doesn’t sound like the perfect birthday, I don’t know what does!

If it weren’t my birthday, and I happened to be hanging out in, oh I don’t know – Columbus, Ohio, maybe – I’d track down the Ajumama food truck for some grub from the menu they call “Korean street food – fast and sassy”!

I’d first start off with one of Ajumama’s panjeons (a crisp-on-the-outside, meat-and-veggies-on-the-inside pancake). Their “Twe Panjean” is filled with spicy pork, kimchi, soy bean sprouts, garlic chives and zucchini. Spicy and saucy – just how I like it! I’ve never had a panjean before, or even heard of it, so it’d be a new and special food truck culinary treat.

ajumama food truck

A Panjeon courtesy of @leashie237 on Instagram

After one or six of their panjeons, I’d order a hodduck – a “sweet and chewy griddle cakes stuffed with brown sugar, walnuts and cinnamon that melts into syrup when cooked.” Holy YUM Batman. Yet another treat I’ve never heard of or tried. I don’t even know what either dish would taste like, and that my lovers, sounds like a culinary treasure I can’t pass up.

ajumama food truck

Hodducks via Breakfast with Nick

I didn’t think I’d have much of a reason to venture to Columbus, Ohio, but Ajumama makes me add the city to my list, so I can explore the Korean street food gems from their food truck (which is much easier than traveling 7,000 miles to Korea)! Although, something tells me that’s moving up my list of places to travel too.

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11th January 2013