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Food Truck Bucket List: Bacon Jam Fries from The Peached Tortilla


This week’s Food Truck Bucket List (Friday!) is sponsored by my excitement in buying tickets to Austin for Food Truck Dates and alllllll the food trucks I can possibly eat at in four days!

I’ll be heading to Austin June 4-8th, and I’m ooohhhhh so excited to spend four days focused on Austin’s famous food truck scene. You can tell when I’m excited because I start to drawl out vowels and consonants when I write like 14-year-old girls do in text messages.

I’m starting to gather my list of food trucks I need to try in Austin – send me your recommendations or thoughts (and send me your dates too)!

Obviously, I already have Ms. P’s Electric Cock on my Food Truck Bucket List, and I’m adding The Peached Tortilla too.

Confession: I’ve actually eaten at The Peached Tortilla back when I attended SXSW in 2011. But that doesn’t really count cause I don’t remember what I ordered, and that was before my obsession with food trucks, and this site. PLUS, I most definitely did not have their bacon jam fries. (!!!)

The Peached Tortilla has accolades supreme – Austin Food Truck of the Year (2011), Best Sliders in the U.S. (2012), Top 101 Food Trucks in America (2012), etc etc etc. But all those awards aside, I’d still visit this food truck if they were a no name, low-reviewed basic trailer food stop on the side of a dusty road cause I’m getting my hands on their bacon jam fries, if it’s the last thing I do. Salty, thick-cut Belgium fries tossed with The Peached Tortilla’s signature bacon jam and green onions, with a FRIED EGG and sriracha mayo on top. You should all know my obsession with anything with a fried egg on top by now.



BACON JAM FRIES // via @joelgoodman

I’d also eat the shit out of their Phad Thai Taco (Chili garlic marinated chicken or tofu stir fried in a traditional pad thai sauce, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, green onions, cilantro, crushed peanuts, lime wedge).


Phad Thai Taco // via @ardenstreet on Instagram

And then I’d wash it down with some Peached Ice Tea cause it’s THEMED iced tea for their food truck! When in Texas, drink sweet tea.


Peached Iced Tea // via @asimplefarmer on Instagram

And when in Texas, wear your cowboy boots! (My vintage cowboy boots I bought this past year in Santa Cruz are dying to set foot on Texas soil!)

vintage cowboy boots

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8th March 2013
  • KatrinaMarieStephens

    you definitely need to check out Bananarchy on S First while you are down here. frozen bananas dipped in magic and rolled in fairy dust. Arrested Development inspired with an attitude of its own, started by two good dead loving ladies, Anna and Laura. The cult following for this place is fascinating, ranging from sorority girls, to serious business professionals, to old hippies.