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Food Truck Bucket List: Duffeyrolls Served Out of an Old VW Van


This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday takes us to Denver, Colorado and a food truck that started in 1986 –  before street food was a trend. Nick Ault and Jim Duffey started serving their Duffeyrolls cinnamon rolls out of a push cart on the streets of Denver.

Now a local staple for Denver residents and what one of the cofounders calls “the Grey Poupon of cinnamon rolls,” they own three brick-and-mortar locations, but still pay homage to their pushcart roots and serve Duffeyrolls out of the back of a cool, converted VW Van.

Duffeyroll VW Food Truck Van

via Culinary Colorado 

Apparently a Duffeyroll is similar to a traditional a cinnamon roll we all know and love, but not doughy or topped with a thick layer of frosting. “The Duffeyroll, cofounder Ault says, is flaky like a French pastry and finished with a light glaze in the customer’s choice of six flavors: Original, Zesty Orange, Irish Cream, Mountain Maple, English Toffee, or Pecanilla Crunch.” #

If I visited Dufferoll’s VW food truck, I’d start out with their Bakin’ Sun breakfast sandwich with bacon, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and chipotle mayo (served with a mini Duffeyroll).

duffeyroll cafe food truck

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Then I’d try at minimum their Zesty Orange, English Toffee and Pecanilla Crunch Duffeyrolls.

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I’d dive right in when my Duffeyroll was served up warm and hot for me from the oven. Mmm flaky and gooey amazingness. Then I’d wash it down with their proprietary iced tea called Islesboro tea, made from a recipe Ault’s grandmother came up with in Islesboro, Maine. They brew their tea then pour it over fresh mint leaves and then fresh lemons are added. Yum!

duffeyroll denver colorado

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After I was Duffeyroll wasted, I’d hit the road to find some Colorado snowboard hotties to snuggle with post-coiDuffeyroll. xo

You can find Duffeyrolls on Twitter and Facebook too.

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22nd December 2012
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    Love Duffyrolls, been eating there for years.

    • the50dates

      I need to get out to Colorado and get myself some!