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Food Truck Bucket List: Fried Egg I’m In Love


In honor of being one week away from my trip to Portland for Food Truck Dates and reviewing the food truck cart (what it’s known as in PDX) scene, this week I’m highlighting a food truck that has been on my bucket list for some time – Fried Egg I’m in Love.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.13.31 PM

Said truck is on my food truck dream list for three reasons: 1) I love the punny Cure reference in the title. I’ve belted that song at the top of my lungs while thinking of many a boy in my life. Hey, guess what lovers – today is, in fact, Friday, and I’m in LOVE. With penis. Just joking – did I say that out loud?

The other reasons: 2) I’ve been dying for a breakfast food truck in San Francisco, since it’s my favorite meal AND 3) I think everything is made better with a fried egg on top … breakfast, lunch or dinner.

BOOM – three reasons this truck is a dream.

When I visit Portland next week, I’m possibly contemplating eating here for breakfast every morning cause it all sounds so damn good. But I’m most definitely not going to miss out on:

Free-Range Against the Machine

(fried egg, avocado, tomato and havarti) Holy COW, look at that oozing egg! Pure sex.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.09.52 PM

Sriracha Mix-A-Lot

(fried egg, seared ham, avocado, tomato, havarti and Sriracha)

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.12.52 PM

Billy Gorgon

(fried egg, bacon, tomato, house gorgonzola sauce, marinated diced red peppers) psst This is a “special,” so not on their menu full time. But perhaps my luck will be inline.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.16.13 PM

All of Fried Egg I’m in Love’s sandwiches are served on sourdough bread from Portland French Bakery and include an over-medium egg sprinkled in their “magic egg dust.” WHAT is THAT?! I must know.

What I do know is that all of that is a fried eggy dream that’s going to carry me through work this next week until I can sink my teeth into Fried Egg I’m in Love’s sandwiches in PDX!

//all pics via WorldCam, an Instagram photo feed based on location.
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17th May 2013
  • Mel


    • the50dates

      I knowwwww, rrriiiight?!

  • EatingMyWayThruPDX

    You need to also check out The Egg Carton. Great breakfast food cart. One of my favorites.

    • the50dates

      @eatingmywaythrupdx:disqus Adding to my list! I’m trying to do a “breakfast food cart” tour and check out a new one each morning. Also have Yolk and The Big Egg on there too! Thank you for the heads up. :)

      • EatingMyWayThruPDX

        Good choices. At The Egg Carton you have to get the FoPo Monte Cristo (it’s a crazy combo) and my favorite is the eggs bennies, she has a good hollandaise sauce. Tell them I sent you. They are awesome!!

  • Mobile Food Funding

    Haha, this is a great cart! I always get a kick out of their names they come up with. I too have to recommend The Egg Carton as well though. I just moved into the neighborhood, so I think there is a lot of eggs in my breakfast future!

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