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Food Truck Bucket List: Short Leash Hot Dogs w/ Cracker Jacks [+RECIPE]


short leash hot dogs

via @sabol74 on Instagram

Happy Friday lovers! This weekend I’m going to Bay Area Brew Fest with dozens of local brews and food trucks on Saturday, and then catching the Seahawks vs. Redskins playoff game on Sunday, mostly because I want to put my Seahawks jersey on and drink beer with boys. What are youuuuu doing?

This week’s Food Truck Bucket List Friday takes us to hot and sticky Phoenix, Arizona – home to Short Leash Hot Dogs, a food truck started by a couple who combines love for their dogs (woof woof) with love for hot dogs (lips and assholes). And of course, I’m a big lover of the fact that their dogs are nitrate free, gluten free and preservative free (handmade from Schreiner’s Fine Sausage).

Short Leash Hot Dogs serves a hot dog called the Bear (or 7th Inning Stretch) that has peanut butter, Cracker Jacks, smoked Gouda, bacon and BBQ sauce. I think that’s either ridiculously amazing, or completely disgusting. But I’m dying to find out!

short leash hot dog with cracker jacks

Bear hot dog with Cracker Jacks via @joehenke on Instagram

The Bear dog would be my first and foremost stop, but then I’d try to make my way through their Aiko dog (mango chutney, diced jalapeños  red onions, fresh cilantro and mayo) and their Lady dog (chipotle cream cheese, sautéed onions and fried pickles). Did someone say FRIED PICKLES.

short leash hot dogs

The Lady hot dog via @dyannahyde on Instagram

Short Leash Hot Dogs

Aiko Dog via @realjoe on Instagram

Hopefully I’d get to sit and stay with my Food Truck Date and then grab a baseball game afterword in true hot dog + baseball spirit. <3

short leash hot dogs

via @jarofbuttons on Instagram

Recipe To Make Your Own Bear Dog from Short Leash

1 spicy beer hot link from Schreiners Fine Sausages (can substitute favorite beer link)
1 Indian-style flatbread, warmed in oven or steamer
1 handful of Cracker Jack (give prize to a small child)
1 slice bacon, cooked crispy and crumbled
1 tablespoon smooth peanut butter, melted
2 ounces shredded smoked Gouda
1 tablespoon of barbecue sauce

Cook beer hot link on grill or in saute pan on medium-high heat until completely warm, about 3 to 4 minutes. When done, place in the center of the flatbread. Top with Cracker Jack and bacon, and drizzle peanut butter over the hot link. Sprinkle shredded smoked Gouda and drizzle with barbecue sauce. Serve immediately. Thanks AZCentral for the recipe.

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4th January 2013
  • Mel

    OK, that fried pickle dog sounds MUCH better. And hey, I might find myself in Phoenix in February. I might have to try it. :)

    • the50dates

      You have to!! They’re won a bunch of awards for being one of Phoenix’s best food trucks. Plus, they have corn dogs, one of the top five food groups in the world.