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Food Truck Date #1: Broken Fish-Taco-Baby Dreams

When setting up Food Truck Date #1, I was really feeling the pressure for it to be purrrfect. After all, it was my first, and I wanted to set the tone for this project of mine. It’s my Type A personality – perfection, perfection, perfection.

I lined a nice little date up with Reincarnated Fish – a taco date! Ain’t no date like a taco date. We were going to take a ferry on a Sunday to Off the Grid Larkspur in Marin County, which had live music and a taco truck scheduled that day.

Live music! Ferry boat! Tacos!

You guys, that’s so romantic. Lady and the Tramp and spaghetti noodle smooches are sooo 50 years ago – the modern version would include fish taco smooches. Two people share a fish taco, meet in the middle, and BAM. Babies.

But, Reincarnated Fish got sick. So we rescheduled our date for Monday. Then he got spooked about having his photo on my site and asked to take it down. Which made me stress out about my site not being visually interesting, so I spent three hours finding the perfect creepy slash noncreepy fish man photo. (P.S. What the shit is this shit). Then we went to SoMa Streat Food Park and there weren’t any taco trucks. So we found one truck that served fish tacos, but then we ordered fried chicken.

My taco date story unraveled right before my eyes! I didn’t have a photo, and my unborn fish taco baby just went POOF, up in smoke!

soma streat food park sf

But, even though Reincarnated Fish got sick and spooked at the beginning and my fish-taco-baby dreams were dashed, the guy ended up being a totally great date.

Personally, I felt a bit nervous and fidgety when I arrived. My belly had done flip-flops the whole bus ride to my date. Let’s set aside the fact that it’s been nearly two years since I’ve been on a real date – I was finally doing this project! It’s one thing to spend three months designing a website and concepting an idea. It’s another to show up to a blind date with a stranger. Or you know, 50 blind stranger danger dates. The whole thing made me nervous.

But Reincarnated Fish had a calming, gentlemanly demeanor to him from the minute we met, and the conversation was easy… once we started talking and ordering our food, all my nerves traveled right down my arms, out my fingertips, and floated up into the San Francisco August breeze.

[Even if that breeze made our napkins blow all over half of SoMa Streat Food Park and I practically tripped on my face while rushing to pick them up and stomp them with my feet to stop them from flying away.]

We tried each others’ food, and throughout the entire date, I didn’t ever once feel like we were awkwardly “fishing” (Waka waka waka. Okay, that was bad) for topics to talk about. The best thing I liked about the Reincarnated Fish? He’s a beach lover like me.

Growing up in rainy Seattle meant I flew to any beach I could get, whenever I could. I can sunbathe for hours, days, sunsets, moons and sunrises. And I’ll never tire of it. I often call myself a “beach chaser.” But the past males in my life? They’ve always been antsy, can’t handle more than two sunbathing hours, want to leave the beach because they’re “too hot” or “bored.”

But, Reincarnated Fish and I waxed poetically about how great looonggg beach days are. Thumbs up to that quality, home sleazies!

[Then all our napkins blew away.]

Reincarnated Fish must have felt a mutual thumbs up because the day after our date, I received a message from him, saying he’d love to go on Date #2 if I was interested…

So, here’s a tiny lesson I took away from this date (and no, not all of these Food Truck Dates will have lessons. This isn’t Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood) – I shouldn’t get so wrapped up the details of everything being perfect, or letting the less-than-perfect details drag me down. It’s really about who you’re going on a date with, and the chemistry between you, that ultimately leads to date two, or even to love (and FISH TACO BABIES). What doesn’t matter if the restaurant sucks, if the food is cold, if your outfit is perfect, or if the weather is windy.

[Then all our napkins and plates blew away]

So – what d’ya say lovers? Do I accept and go on date #2 with him? Too early in the project? Let me know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments.

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Jeanna's going on 50 Food Truck Dates - 50% for the story, 50% for the love and 25% for the food. That's more than 100%, but who's judging. Follow her food and date adventures in San Francisco and beyond by subscribing to via email or RSS.
15th August 2012
  • Amanda Blog and Kiss

    It’s too early in the game to double dip!

  • http://URL jenny wilson

    You need 50 dates with different guys right? well as long as fish taco guy doesn’t act like a stinky sardine about it and you really liked him it might be okay…great first entry je, looks forwrd to the rest!

    • Jeanna

      I never said 50 different guys! Just 50 dates. :) Thanks Jenny!

  • http://URL Janizzle fo’ Shizzle

    Yes!! You have to do date #2!
    If not for one more chance at non-windy (is that even possible in this city?), actual “taco” date (I was really looking forward to hearing how tasty those were), then for the good company and easy-going conversation of a fellow beach-lover (and maybe you can do Tacos ON THE BEACH!).
    Oh, and the “fish taco baby” thing really creeps me out… :)
    Loved reading and can’t wait for the next one!!

    • Jeanna

      Yo Janizzle – cute pic! Tacos on the beach is a super good idea… “Fish Taco Baby”! Haha. Totally creepy. Mostly joking there.

  • allison

    accept it!

    so glad the first date was off to great start!

    • Jeanna

      Thanks Allison! One down, 49 more to go! :)

  • cari

    Accept, accept! i think it’s too early in this challenge to say no to anything!

    Also, not sure if I’ve said it — love your new pictures. Royal blue is your olor!

  • http://URL Kristen

    Say yes! Very exciting Je!!

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  • Sarah Alway

    I think if you agree to date #2 then Fish Boy should agree to having his photo posted. ;-)

    • Jeanna

      I agree with that statement!!

  • Jeanna

    Okay – update lovers! I decided to decline #2 with Reincarnated Fish. He was super great, but I felt more of a friendship vibe with him, and I just didn’t think there was enough chemistry this early in the project to schedule a second date. HOWEVER, I’m hoping to like someone soon enough for date #2!