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Food Truck Date #12: Timing is a GD Bitch (Or the Man Who Made Me Dislike Mustaches)

“I’m the guy with the mustache, standing at the bar alone,” he texted.

“Way to spring the last minute mustache on me,” I responded, on my way in a Lyft to meet Food Truck Boy #12, the Hot Greek Grandfather, for our Food Truck Date.

I was merely being facetious about the mustache springing, of course. Sure, I didn’t have any idea until then that’d he’d have a mustache (based on his online profile pics, sans mustache). But, I’m generally not a girl who dislikes mustaches – they’re quirky, cute, manly and a little ticklish. What’s not to love in THAT? Any girl who doesn’t like the potential of a good mustache ride or the cancer curing that comes along with the said mustache growing, is no friend of mine. So *this* girl was okay with the mustache, that is, until he sprang another little mustached surprise on me later in our date…

food truck date 12 - mustache

The Hot Greek Grandfather and I met up for our Food Truck Date on a sunny Saturday, and to sum it all up in four words and four modifiers: the dude is adorable and a total catch. The end. I should post a link to his OKC profile so all you girls can get up on that, but I kinda want to be selfish and keep him to myself. Mamma ain’t sharin’.

Not only does he have impeccable style – a little dirty city street boy, a little fancy swank – but he was also totally outgoing (he ran into about three people he knew during our date). You know what that says to a girl: I can take you to a party and leave your side without worrying. +10 points to a social butterfly like me. The Hot Greek Grandfather also made a couple sarcastic jokes that made me laugh out loud during our date (+100 points), and he’s a FIREFIGHTER (+infinity trillion points to the moon & back with whip cream and a cherry). I hate that firefighting is a cliche hot boy thing, but it just is. Maybe cause firefighters are mostly in shape with hottie little bodies – and this one didn’t go against that stereotype either. Oh, and did I mention he’s Greek and his family has a summerhouse in Greece?

Phew – one giant paragraph that significant other dreams are made of. (When does someone get to write 600 words about how great I am?!)

Of course because he’s Greek, we had to eat at the Greek food truck – Gyro on Wheels – during our date. And drink four beers with our food (that has nothing to do with being Greek, but everything to do with having FUN). Our conversation was pretty easy – at one point we were chatting about the ups and downs of dating on OKC (since that’s where we met), and I asked him how long he’d been on there, which turned to us talking about how long he’d been out of his past relationship.

food truck date - gyro on wheels sf

Now, most people say, “NEVER talk about past relationships on the first date.” Sure – perhaps it’s not a conversation topic you want to lead with, but I’m okay if it happens to come up on a date. I have a healthy former love life where I’m friends with most of my exes, despite heartbreak and arguments, and I actually think it’s more of a red flag if someone can’t comfortably talk about these things. If he squirms at mentioning his ex, the chances are he’s not over it, or he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings.

Sooooo… The Hot Greek Grandfather admitted to me that his mustache was actually a bit of rebellion toward his ex, who just broke up with him and didn’t like his mustache, and he wasn’t going to shave it until he was “over being hurt and mad about it.”

Oh yikes. So, that might be the definition of fresh off the heartbreak boat, or let’s call it FOHB, not to be confused with FOB. There’s a silent H in there, lovers.

Suddenly that mustache turned from being quirky and cute to being a giant “I’m not over my ex” Post It note on his face.

And this is where I’d like to punch timing in the face cause it’s a GD Bitch. Set this boy in front of me in six months, and perhaps we’d fit together like peanut butta and jelly and go frolicking off into the sunset. But being a FOHB makes him a giant question mark. How long before he’s over her? Is he really looking to date someone new now? Will they get back together?


At the end of the date I gave him a hug and was on my merry way with zero expectations of hearing from him or seeing him again.

But, as it turns out – dating is one GIANT question mark, and sometimes the ones you think will call, never do. And the ones you think will never call, do. So, the Hot Greek Grandfather and I have been chatting here and there and are working are way to maybe grabbing a beer again.

So now I have to admit that I’m currently the mustached-hating girl I dislike: I’m secretly hoping if I see him again, that dang mustache is gone.

What do you think, lovers? Would you be concerned about dating a FOHB? 

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26th February 2013
  • Kristen

    Mustache be gone!!!! Here’s to a second date!

    • the50dates

      Haha – I like that positive confidence. :)

  • Heidi

    Nice story! He does sound like a catch, and a BIG question mark. But weirdly I love his mustache THANG because it’s honest. (It’s also totally off-putting.) So here’s hoping that he also honestly gets over the ex, grabs the razor and gets back to seeing you. At which point you can tell him that if he wants to grow a ‘stache again, you’re game, because you’ll know it’s for you and not an ex.

    • the50dates

      I know – I kinda loved how he was just honest and humble about it too, but I do feel bad for him that he feels so heartbroken. And hopefully he won’t hate me that I mentioned it here. :)

  • Mel

    What does it say about me that I read this: You know what that says to a girl: I can take you to a party and leave your side without worrying…

    as THIS: take me to a party and can’t leave your side without worrying.

    • the50dates

      It means you’re totally NOT an independent woman. Psych. ;)

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