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Food Truck Date #14: The Date I Didn’t Know I Was On (or Why You Shouldn’t Flirt With Food Trucks on Twitter)

Did I tell you about the time I tried to flirt with a food truck on Twitter, and it ended in me being on a Food Truck Date I didn’t know I was on?!

I recognize that sentence is totally weird. But then again, technically this whole project could be considered weird. Which makes me weird, so let’s just roll with it.

It all began thanks to a Tweet I sent last summer about the Muni (bus) in San Francisco, which was unexpectedly chosen by Muni Diaries as the winner of a bus ad, still up on buses…


My Tweet on the bus…

muni bus ad

Consequently, all my coworkers and friends have seen the bus ad and said, “Is that you?!” Yep, it’s me. And yes, it’s true – I’d much rather skip hands with hot boys around the city than go to work (sorry work, no hard feelings). Penis > PowerPoint.

Occasionally, I’ll get responses from guys on the bus who’ve read my Tweet.

(This keeps getting weirder).

One day, I received a Tweet from an account that seemed like a Pizza food truck (Piza Mobile?) – without a picture, bio, etc. So I decided to just joke around “flirt” with what I thought was a pizza food truck, and the conversation went from there.


Soon after, I received an email in my inbox from “Piza Mobi,” which said something along the lines of, “I’m around the corner right now at Arki Truck, come meet me.”

I still had no idea if this person was a rapist, serial killer, talking food truck, or what. Nor was his email even signed with a NAME. So I blunt-eloquently let him know (in a very Jeanna manner) that I didn’t make a habit of meeting up with someone I couldn’t research a little at first cause I’m not trying to die before I’ve perfected drinking three bottles of wine in one night without a hangover.

So he so nicely obliged by sending me his name AND a bathroom selfie!


And phew, THAT make me feel so much better!


At this point, I was too far into scheduling to pull back after he sent me his handsome bathroom selfie, so this girl was locked into meeting him at TruckStop SF on my lunch hour. Mentally, I counted it as a “business meeting” because he was working on a food truck app that he wanted to show me a “working prototype of.”

A food truck app that wasn’t actually in existence.

From a “developer” that wasn’t actually a developer, but someone with a half-baked concept of delivering pizzas out of the back of a cart, using an app. Who still needed a whole development and design team, and a business plan, or even a concept that might actually make sense. I’m not just any girl, I’m a girl with a tech background who’s worked for three different apps, so you can’t fool me with your silly app idea that makes no sense. I found myself nodding and saying, “Uh huh. Hmm. Okay. Uh huh,” the whole time. But, I wasn’t buying it, buddy. An app to track selling pizzas out of the back of your car?!

Since the app was a bust, we started talking about how he came up with the idea for the app – homeboy grew up his whole life with the dream of being a pizza delivery driver.

“It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life,” he told me as I awkwardly and quietly ate my barbecue sandwich from The Rib Whip.

Dream big!

We wrapped up our lunch with a few other enticing conversations – like how he has 2-3 children in Las Vegas that he’s waiting to fly out here once he gets settled, his weight loss plan, and his job in “tech,” which is actually welding at a technical shop.

After an excruciating 45 minutes, I packed up my baked beans and said I had to get back to my office for a meeting.

“So, am I going to be on your website?!” he said.

Oh no.

Oh no, no, no, no.

This guys thinks we’re on a date …

“Uhhh – um no, probably not. You have to fill out a date thingy on my site, which you didn’t fill out, so… errr. Well, um, thanks for lunch! Keep me updated on your app!” I said while I shook his hand and then proceeded to rush back to my office.

But then I got to thinking, if he thought we were on a Food Truck Date, who am I to say we weren’t?

So here you go, lovers – this is the story of the Food Truck Date I didn’t know I was on.

(Let this be a lesson in flirting with a food truck on Twitter – you neva know who or what is behind that profile).

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30th May 2013
  • Lauren Chessey

    Penis>PowerPoint, classic!

    • the50dates

      Think I’ll get in trouble for that one? I mean, it’s pure truth!

  • Mel

    hahahahaha hilarious.

  • TheMayorPete

    This guy looks like he has a criminal record.

  • Sarah Alway

    Bwahahahaha! Poor Je! But hey, look at it this way, that’s one more food truck date you can cross of the list, right? ;-)