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Food Truck Date #10: Smooth is Only As Smooth Does

When sharing the details about Food Truck Boy #10 in my post prior to the date, I nicknamed the guy Rico Suave for a reason. Foreshadowing bitches! Some men just have the gift of smooth, and this guy was a kissing, hands-all-over, saying-and-doing-all-the-right-things, flirty smooooth operator.

Well, that is, until the end of the date…

Rico Suave was one of the first guys to apply for a Food Truck Date when I first launched my project in August, and admittedly, I put off scheduling his date until just this past month. In the spirit of honesty, there was just something about his application that didn’t thrill me – he said he rapped (boom chaka laka… um no), was broke and looking for a job (next up – date hunting in The Tenderloin!), and I didn’t think from the one pic he sent in that I’d feel chemistry with him.

Here I am trying so hard not to be Judgy McJudgerson with these dates and preaching love for all men! Fine Niners! BDSM enthusiasts!, and I completely failed on not judging this one. MY BAAADDD.

When I met Rico Suave in person at SoMa StrEatFood Park, my first online impression couldn’t have been more wrong. He was adorable. Columbian, dark hair, great body, huge white smile and a unique style (purple T-shirt, vest, and sportin’ giant headphones around his neck). He also ended up being gregarious, fun and easy to talk to – he had a completely infectious attitude and personality.

via @jpcapili on Instagram

This is precisely why I’ve discovered it’s worth giving most men a chance that you might receive a message from online, but might not dig for some small reason like he’s shirtless and with a chic in half his pics, always on a mountain, or admits his favorite thing to do in his spare time is play Halo 4.

Sometimes the ones you think will never be a match will surprise you! *Steps off dating soapbox*

Rico Suave and I snagged some food from the Koja Kitchen food truck (DEF one of my favorite food trucks in San Francisco that I’ve eaten at thus far), and sat down under the heated patio at SoMa StrEatFood Park to get to know each other.

koja kitchen food truck

Kamikaze Fries from Koja Kitchen via @lynlam on Instagram

Rico and I had good amount in common, so right away the date wasn’t awkward or hard to get off the ground – we shared a love for electronic and dance music, we were both from Seattle and had mutual friends, and we both have tech and design professional backgrounds. Rico Suave has a super interesting life path – he worked for Microsoft, left it all to pursue music/MCing career, moved to Washington D.C. and finally landing a job at Adobe in San Francisco. (Turns out he wasn’t really jobless – judgement FAIL again). I’m all about admitting when I’m wrong, right lovers?! I’m so adult.

One of the main things I noticed about Rico Suave was that he was super flirty and touchy. He definitely knows his way with the ladies. One might go so far to call him a ladies man. At one point, he grabbed my hand and put it on his leg and held it there while I talked.

holding hands

via @sdupreebemis on Instagram

Now, it’s awesome to know a guy is attracted to you from the start of a date, but it was sort of awkward! Talking with my hand on a unknown man thigh threw me off my game. I sort of stuttered and lost my train of thought and tried to act super cool like I’m touching man thighs all day long, erryday. Ain’t no thang like a man thigh wang! (Uh.. what. That came out wrong).

Picture us awkwardly sitting there, me with my hand stretched out stiff in front of me, stuttering – he with his hand clamped down on top of mine, lovingly staring into my eyes.

Dating is so FUN.

We were getting along so well, that after we finished our food and had a few adult beverages from StrEatBrew, Rico Suave invited me to a party he was heading to later that night with his roommate. It being a Tuesday and all aside, I’m all for an adventure, so we snagged a Lyft and headed to his apartment.

In the elevator up to his place, Rico pinned my arms against the back wall and made his first make out move – a bold one, at that. I have to admit, I’m not really a first-date-maker-outer (especially if I really like you), but sometimes the wine gets the best of me. I wasn’t sure if Rico and I had long-term possibilities, but the guy was handsome and it’s always nice to get a little bit of male attention from a good-looking dude, so I went with the cheesy, passionate elevator make out.

Our kissing adventures continued from his elevator to the basement at 222 Hyde – a super cool bar in Lower Nob Hill with a good-sized underground dance floor.

222 Hyde via @moredillon on Instagram

Rico had a few of his friends meet up at the party, so I invited one of my best friends to join us too and the full-on dance party began. I loved the music and was enjoying the bar’s vibe and the personality of my date, so I let my usual rational self go a bit and allowed myself to get swept up in the music, sexuality, youth and fuzziness of the party.

The night was going pretty well and Rico and I had even talked about doing date #2 until that is, I noticed he was spending a lot of time and flirting with one of the girl friends he had introduced me to. The two of them were dancing together – he twirled her all over the dance floor and then led her up to the bar to buy her a drink, where he stood and talked to her for the large remainder of the evening. It was full on puppy dog mode with he and her from then on out.


I’m not a jealous person really at all, and I have my fair share of male friends so I understand the male/female friendship interactions, but this was clearly more than friends. I felt like I was invited along on a night he was trying to hook it up with another girl.

Turns out Rico Suave is not only suave on his date with me, but suave with every lady, erryday.

NOT ”ain’t no thang but a chicken wang” for me on this one.

I spent the rest of the night with my best friend, trying to ignore the fact that my date was flirting with half the bar and picking up another lady. I don’t think we interacted or talked for at least the last hour before I took off in a cab.

Even though I didn’t think Rico and I were a total match, I did enjoy his company and had nothing but nice things to say about him until he made me feel bad. Wait until your date has left, or is at least in a different room, before you put the moves on another girl, dudes.

Amateur hour!

What would you have done if you were in my shoes, ladies?

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21st December 2012
  • Kristy Bolsinger

    Dude. That is really rude and disrespectful. I would’ve either left asap or completely forgotten he was there and went about having an over the top obvious and fabulous evening. Then ignored his calls later. :)

    • the50dates

      Yeah – I was a little surprised. I DID have a fabulous evening with my BFF who ended up meeting someone (and they’re doing a guest Food Truck Date next week!) So there’s always an upside to every bad situation. And the funny thing about ignoring his calls is that we’re FB friends and he’s largely been pretty unfriendly there too! I was just going to be a friend cause we’re both somewhat new to SF, but me thinks I’m giving up that adventure too.

  • pay backs a bitch

    I would definitely do something to embarrass him – he just embarrassed you in front of your friends so pay backs a bitch!

    I would have gone right between the girl and him and said to him “Hi, Remember me?” I would turn immediately to the girl and say loud enough for him to hear, “Hi, just thought you should know we we’re actually on date together, we’ve been hanging out all day and he invited me here with him tonight, plus we just made out in the elevator a little while ago. I just met him so I don’t care about him but I figured from one woman to another you may want to know this about him! He doesn’t seem to be very nice person”. Give him a look of disgust and walk away.

    Why let him get away with this EXTREMELY mean and rude behavior – obviously women let him so he knows he can get away with it. I’ve seen this a dozen times happen to my friends and they get so hurt and cry. I’ve also had it happen but I told the guy to go to hell pretty much and he tried chasing after me to apologize – nope to late! If man shows you he’s interested and then makes moves on you only to throw it back in your face – he doesn’t deserve ANY respect! He didn’t give you any so why let him have his cake and eat it too?!

    • the50dates

      Ha! I don’t think I’m that ballsy – nor is it the girl’s fault, that might have been a little aggressive. :) I wasn’t that broken up about it cause I knew we weren’t a total match, but hopefully it’s not something totally standard. Just kinda funny cause he knew I’d write about the date, so why do that? Oh well!

  • Katie

    Ms. “Payback Is A Bitch” sounds like a cast member of the Jersey Shore. It sounds like you handled it like a lady- and made your exit gracefully. You literally have guys lining up to date you- ON TO THE NEXT!

    • the50dates

      “Lining up to date me.” :) That’s a dream! But I am lucky to have some dates with some pretty handsome, smart and fabulous men, so you’re right – on to the next! xo

  • Sarah Alway

    Eeek that is so awkward! And it was going so well! But honestly I really don’t picture you with a video gamer, anyway (His favorite thing to do in his spare time is play Halo 4? Red flag!!) Sounds like you made the best of the night and had a good time though. :-)

    • the50dates

      @sarahalway:disqus SPOT ON. I think the “video gamer” stuff is why I put his date off for so long… me + video gamers = not impressed.

  • Rico Suave

    Hi everyone! It’s me – “Rico Suave” himself.

    This post was pretty much spot-on (except for the bit about the video games; I don’t play them at all, not sure where you got that from!) and I agree that it was very rude of me to disregard you at 222. It was a date. No excuse for abandoning my date, that was wrong.

    I did want to clear the air a bit though and say that the girl friend I introduced you to was my gay friend J—- whom I never have, nor ever will, kiss or date.

    Truth is, I forgot my manners and ignored you. At the end I saw you leaving and followed you out to the cab to make sure you were getting home safely and promptly realized I had behaved rather jerk-ishly toward you. My roommate had your back and really let me have it on our way home.

    For what it’s worth I’m sorry Jeanna. Now the ugly ending to our date – along with my photograph – lives on in interweb infamy and will certainly haunt me somehow or other.

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