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(Frequently Asked Food Truck Date Questions)

I’ll be updating these over the year as these come up, but here are some answers to the questions I get every time I tell someone about 50 Food Truck Dates:

What happens when you meet someone date 10 or before 50 Dates is over?

If I meet someone early, I met them through a 50 Food Truck Date, riiighhht?! So I’m counting on the fact they’d understand I have a commitment and a project to finish. And if our connection is there, it shouldn’t matter! Murphy’s Law says that I’ll actually just meet the one at a bar one night though, instead of through this project. ;) I never did say I had to go on 50 dates with 50 different men though, so if I find someone who’s a good match, they better be prepared to go to a lot of food trucks with me…

What happens if you meet “the one” on date #1?

If I meet “the one” on date #1, I’ll give you $10,000.

Who pays for the date?

I’ll pay for your meal – that’s right! FREE food! That’s at least one good reason to go on a Food Truck Date. (You’re on your own for drinks though). The only catch is – you have to fill out my form located on the Date Jeanna page.

How are you finding your dates?

Some of it will be word of mouth or set-ups from friends. Some of them will be from dating sites such as HowAboutWe.com, OKCupid.com or my Craigslist ad (I know – super creepy. But I’m giving it a shot at first). On each of those sites, my profile states what I’m doing and leads them here!

Why are you doing this?

I like to tell people – 50 percent for the story, 50 percent for love. I’m doing this, ultimately, with the goal of writing a book at the end about my experience. I also felt the itch to start something BIG and challenge myself, personally and professionally. I’m hired to market a brand online – so can I do it for my own brand? And finally, I started 2012 with “Love” as my word for the year, and so this is also a piece of Project Love for me, which you can read more about here. I wouldn’t mind if at the end of all this, I found “someone special.” (Cliche dating phrase #1 – barf). And if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too. (LIES – gouge my eyeballs out if I don’t at least meet one guy I like after 50).

Will you use my picture and name?

Yes! Any info you fill out on your Food Truck Date application could and will be used in the post featuring you as the upcoming Food Truck Date candidate for the week! The photo you submit will also be used. So better make it good, and your answers funny! I don’t plan on using last names, however, so it won’t come up in a Google search of you, if you’re timid. As for the blog posts about the dates, here’s an example of how I’ve written about dates in the past, so sometimes I might be funny, crass or poke fun, but I’m not terribly mean.

Do you have to actually be interested in dating everyone you go on a Food Truck Date with?

Not necessarily! You never know how relationships will blossom! (Cliche dating phrase #2). I’m aiming for 50 percent guys I’m actually interested in dating and 50 percent guys who would make a good story to read. Do you have a friend who fits into one of those categories? Good! Send em over. Do you fit into one of those categories? Awesome – let’s do this.

Do street food carts count?

Yes! Food trucks and street carts – I’m an equal mobile food opportunist.

What about second dates?

If me and a homeboy feel a connection, I’d love to schedule a second date. Since I’m doing 50 dates in one year, that’s roughly one date a week, which leaves plenty of other days to see someone a second (or third) time.

Will you be the only one going on dates?

I’ll be the number one dater featured on the site, but I already have some guest food truck daters lined up to keep content fresh and interesting, and to fill in for me when I’m out of the country, etc.

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Jeanna's going on 50 Food Truck Dates - 50% for the story, 50% for the love and 25% for the food. That's more than 100%, but who's judging. Follow her food and date adventures in San Francisco and beyond by subscribing to the50dates.com via email or RSS.
1st August 2012
  • http://URL Kelly

    Jeanna I just love this! I’ve been following you at That’s what Je said for about a year and this should be just so exciting for you. Never really had a desire to visit SF before your blog but now my friends are seriously tired of hearing about all the awesomness I can’t wait to explore on my first visit….as much as I love my little town in Florida I must admit I live vicariously through your adventures! Best of luck!!

    • Jeanna

      THANK YOU Kelly! I seriously love to hear from people who read my blog – so fun that you love my SF adventures! I just sent you a private email! :)