Get Your Greek Fix On at Gyro on Wheels in SF - 50 Food Truck Dates

Get Your Greek Fix On at Gyro on Wheels in SF

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Gyro on Wheels in SF was the food truck the Hot Greek Grandfather and I chose for Food Truck Date #12 – he’s Greek, so of course we had to eat at a Greek food truck (I like to pair alllll my boys with the food truck that represents their heritage or favorite food). It brings all their milkshakes to my yard.

Since I just got back from a little Mediterranean trip of myself in October of last year, the street gyros on every corner were fresh in my mind. In Greece, they are the quintessential “Greecy” (waka waka waka) street treat. A little too greasy for my liking, but awesome to soak up the late European dance club alcohol-soaked evenings we often found ourselves having.

What I enjoyed the most about the gyros from Gyros on Wheels is that they’re not greasy at all. We ordered a lamb gyro, which is on a pretty large, thick pita bread and stuffed with lamb and beef, tomato, lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, cilantro, tahnini sauce, and FRENCH FRIES (my favorite part). The gyros are fresh – the veggies crispy, the tahini sauce creamy and the pita bread warm, chewy and toasty. It’s the PERFECT thing to pair with a beer on a sunny day.

Gyro on Wheels’ menu also includes other Greek dishes such as hummus, dolma, kebabs and baklava!

gyros from Gyro on Wheels food truck

Gyro on Wheels is pretty light on a web presence (can’t seem to even find a website and not many local publications have written about them), but you can find Gyro on Wheels on Twitter. They’re also a regular staple at SoMa StrEatFood Park – just remember to bring CASH because they don’t accept credit cards!



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28th May 2013
  • james

    Do you mean taziki sauce?