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Guest Food Truck Boy #1: Bearded Clam Dipper

This Food Truck Boy is bequethed to one of my best friends, Katie, who will be sharing her Food Truck Date with everyone while I’m in Greece. Want to go on a Food Truck Date and guest post sometime over the next year? I’d love it! Email me at

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Name: Mark aka Bearded Clam Dipper

Mark’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less:

Grew up in the Seattle area. Graduated from WWU. Have worked in the construction/real estate development industry for about 10 years. Apparently I like to move a lot. Very close and dedicated to my family.

A Few Deets: Mark’s favorite food is CLAM DIP. Mmmm. Bearded clam dip – he’s all yours Katiekins! Do me proud. Mark also says his hidden talent is rapping (give me dat, give me dat, give me dat clam), his favorite book is Tortilla Flat (Steinbeck – smart Bearded Clam Dipper!) and his favorite band is Built to Spill. Hello, 90s grunge called, they want their clam back!

Mark Wants To Tell You A Joke:

So a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel hanging from his crotch. The bartender asks “Why is there a steering wheel hanging from your crotch?” The pirate answers “Arghhhhhhhhhh it’s driving me nuts”

The Date: Katie and Mark are heading out in The Emerald City – Seattle – on the treck for one of Seattle’s newer trucks, Nomad Curbside. Nomad boasts a fully wrapped graffiti truck and is located in one of Seattle’s obscure but well-loved hoods, West Seattle, home to Alki Beach. Both Katie and Mark are West Seattle residents, so we could be 50 percent on our way to food truck love that ends in clam dip fun ALREADY. If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Stay tuned to read about Guest Food Truck Date #1…

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25th September 2012