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Killer Lemon Ricotta Donuts from Streatery Food Truck [a - gasp - healthier food truck!]

For Food Truck Date #13, my date and I visited Friday Nights at OMCA (Oakland Museum of California), a weekly food truck party in Oakland from 5-9pm. After we did the usual food truck loop to check out all our dining options and my date said, “Do you actually like food trucks?!” we settled on the Streatery food truck for our meal.

His comment led me to believe he wasn’t a huge fan of food truck meals, so for the non-food-truck fans out there, Streatery is a food truck that serves less-greasy, less-fried meals than the usual truck because Streatery’s grub is created with seasonal, local ingredients that they call “urban peasant food.”

If you’re looking for a healthier food truck in San Francisco, this is probably one of your best options. Streatery was a welcome break from the usual unhealthy comfort food, even for a food truck lover like me (and yes, I DOOO actually like food trucks).

streatery food truck

Food Truck Boy #13 ordered a roasted pork sandwich that he wasn’t in love with, so I’ll move along to my food, which made me pretty happy! I ordered the oxtail and grits – a staple of Streatery’s menu. Beef oxtail they claim “falls of the bone” and really does, gravy, veggies and an optional fried egg are ladled on top of grits into a (compostable!) bowl.

Again back to my southern roots (that I referenced in my post about the Seattle Biscuit Company, in case you missed it) – I grew up on my grandma’s southern cooked grits, so I’m a big fan. Especially when oxtail gravy and meat juices (yeah, I said meat juices) are pooling around the edges of the bowl. This meal was hearty and filling without being a gut bomb like a lot of food truck dishes, and was a medium price of $11. Grits are even gluten free, for those following a special diet.

[Apologies for the crappy, pixilated iPhone pics - was capturing this meal in the dark!]

streatery food truck

To wrap up my pretty satisfying din din, I ordered Streatery’s lemon ricotta donuts, which are the REAL gem at this food truck. These donuts are an Italian dessert also known as zeppoles – deep fried dough balls often dusted with powder sugar. Streatery’s donuts are served in a newspaper cone with an optional side of a fruit compote for dipping. They’re warm and crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside with just the right amount of lemon flavor (the ricotta must be used lightly in the dough, and didn’t end up bothering a dairy free person like myself, so I still recommend getting after ‘em if you’re dairy free too).

I loved these little donuts so much that I actually went back for a second order. True story! (Food truck fat kid confessions).

streatery food truck1

Streatery’s summer menu actually looks pretty kick ass with savory seasonal fruit jams, sriracha peasant rice with pork patties and kale, and crispy pea crepes! YUM. Track ‘em down, if you feel so inclined.

You can read more about Streatery’s Lemon Ricotta Donuts (with a better pic) on SFoodie’s Streat Eats blog. Also check out Streatery’s menu on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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16th July 2013
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