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So Far Koja Kitchen Has My Vote for Best Food Truck in San Francisco

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I first tried Koja Kitchen‘s “Korean-Japanese reinvented” on Food Truck Date #10 and then again at TruckStop SF while on lunch at work, and now it’s my favorite food truck in San Francisco to track down.

Koja Kitchen serves these beyond fantastic Korean barbecue “burgers.” Not only is the bbq meat tender and super tasty, but then they throw sesame vinaigrette lettuce and a pineapple ring on top (my favorite combo ever is sweet and salty) – and serve it all between these unique little seared garlic rice buns. I adore these dang rice buns! I need to figure out how to make them at home.


I LOVE it when a restaurant or food truck has something I’ve never seen or tried before, even more so when it’s mouth watering tasty… This makes me more likely to think about that dish ever after, more likely to return to get it again, and more likely to tell all my friends about it.

And tell all my friends about Koja Kitchen is just what I’ve done – you MUST try this truck if you find yourself in San Francisco!

There’s literally nothing bad on the menu – do not miss the Korean BBQ burgers, and if you’ve got a bear of an appetite or are splitting with a date, add a side of Kamikaze fries (waffle fries topped with Korean BBQ beef, kimchi, green onions and Koja Kitchen’s red sauce, similar to Sriracha, and Japanese mayo).


And to finalize this damn good food truck meal – Koja has a twist on tiramisu that they call mochimisu - layers of house-made chocolate mochi and cake, with Ghirardelli cocoa powder and a double-dipped chocolate strawberry on top!

I was gifted a free mochimisu by the owners of Koja Kitchen, who recognized me from this site when I was ordering my lunch there a couple weeks ago. Totally made my day!! (Also, love smart food truck owners who are paying attention when I Tweet at them and talk about their truck online!)


Overall Rating:


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11th February 2013