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Let’s Eat Grill Stop Food Truck

let's eat grill stop food truck sf

On Date #1 with Reincarnated Fish, we visited SoMa Streat Food Park to find the perfect food truck for our date. It was my first time hitting up the fairly new food truck pod in San Francisco, which boasts flat screens for watching games, alcohol, and a rotating variety of food trucks on a weekly basis. It’s a pretty sweet spot! Totally odd location, since it’s in a bit of an industrial, under-the-freeway, next-to-Costco spot in the city, but the set up with white lights, tents with picnic tables, bathroom facilities and even an ATM makes it a pretty awesome location for lunch, dinner, their new late-night eats, and a date, of course!

Reincarnated Fish and I chose Let’s Eat Grill Stop food truck because Twitter told me it was the only option for tacos that night (since I was still holding out that we were going to have tacos on our date), but turns out we both decided on two of their chicken dishes after looking the menu over. I ordered their Spicy Fried Buttermilk Drumettes with cilantro, garlic and lime Sriracha butter.

Spicy Fried Buttermilk Drumettes Let's Eat Grill Stop SF

And Reincarnated Fish ordered their Chicken Sliders with pesto sauce, arugula and Sriracha. Lots of Sriracha going around on this Food Truck Date!

chicken sliders let's eat grill stop sf

We were both pretty happy with our dishes, but I think Reincarnated Fish’s chicken sliders surpassed my fried chicken. I wanted to order the fried chicken because I had read some rave reviews of it on their Facebook page, but turned out I wasn’t a huge fan. It reminded me of an Asian version of fried chicken – with the Sriracha and a ton of peanut oil all over it. (Fatty McGee!) In fact, the chicken sliders were swimming in peanut oil too.

While the food was pretty good, I’m a bit confused about Let’s Eat Grill Stop’s culinary vision. Their Facebook page describes them as:

…a food truck serving local, fresh, organic, and simple street food (i.e Southern Sol meets Southwest with Mediterranean influences)

Southern Sol meets Southwest with Mediterranean influence? What does that even mean? The funny thing is – they don’t even mention Asian influence in all that, but that was what I noticed the most. I know the truck opened this past March, which is pretty new, so perhaps they’re hashing out their vision a bit.

In conclusion, the food at Let’s Eat Grill Stop is worth trying, and I definitely want to head back for these fish tacos that everyone seems to love too, so expect another go at this food truck in the future.

Overall Rating:

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17th August 2012
  • http://foodtrucknerd.com/ Food Truck Nerd

    The food looks amazing, but the name makes me antsy. Too many verbs. Great writeup!

    • Jeanna

      Thanks Food Truck Nerd! I agree – the name kinda makes me antsy too. I was JUST on your site checking things out and subscribing when you left this comment, so we had ESP. :)