Let's get real, for a minute mmkay - 50 Food Truck Dates

Let’s get real, for a minute mmkay

Here we are again, lovers. I’m about to get back to writing about the misadventures, make outs and meals of 50 Food Truck Dates. First, I wanted to share a few things with you about what’s been happening, and also ask for your ideas …

Where I’ve Been

I unintentionally took a mini dating break for most of March and April. Sometimes I’ll be doing this during my project, but I promise I’ll always be back until I’m signed, sealed and delivered on that 50th date. While I might be more quiet here, I’m usually always active on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to join me there too, if you’re ever wondering what’s up.

One of the things I’ve found come out of this project is that I mentally have to take a break after dating drags me down. Wooweee boys can be tricky, especially the cute ones. I can’t help myself from liking some of them, and, I’m mostly a “one man girl,” so like to test it out with one guy before continuing down the line to 10 others. This whole “one man girl” thing is getting me in a bit of trouble because despite the intention to go on 50 dates, it doesn’t get rid of the fact that sometimes I just like ONE guy. And I want to only hang out with him. And I want him to like me back, and I don’t want to go on a dozen more dates with guys I don’t like. And when he doesn’t like me back, sometimes I feel like a failure, and find the whole dating dance to just be exhausting. When this happens, I need to get back to basics of what I find to center and balance me in my life – health and fitness, my friends, and kicking ass at my job. Therefore, you might see the occasional ebb and flow here.

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The other thing is, I’m not always telling the complete “after date one” story here because I feel really odd sometimes about writing out all the dirty, gritty details for the world to read – for his sake, and for mine. I think this is okay because guys I date can rest easy that not everything will go on the internet. On the other hand though, I’m always thinking like a blogger and wanting to share allll the funny, weird and crappy, so my stories will often come out months afterward (or will be fully regaled in my book). Oh man, I can’t wait to share this book with you. I’m not holding back any of my thoughts or sugar coating anything in that baby. ;)

The good news is that I AM finding guys I like through this project, so I think this is awesome since I’ve previously bemoaned that I have a hard time finding guys I actually want to date. And now I’m falling in love like every other guy! Ha. Be careful what you ask for.

I also took a small break during Dating March Madness to work a lot on dating coaching with myself and some of my readers. I learned an infinite amount in one short month, and am putting it all to the test on nearly the daily, so I’ll be throwing up a recap of those lessons soon with the final bracket winner (and also a chance to win a month of free dating coaching from my favorite most favorite dating coaches, Daniel Packard & Lindsay Chrisler).

What’s Coming

Soooo, in addition to the dating coaching stuff, I have some good stories while I catch up on sharing Food Truck Dates #13, 14, 15 and 16 with you! I also have a trip to Portland this month for Food Truck Dates, and Austin in June! All of this should put me at the halfway point of 25 ole dates (FINALLY) by June and ready to slide into the last half of my project. I’m also planning on making trips to New York, LA and the Carolinas for Food Truck Dates/reviews too – anywhere else you think I should go that has hot boys or a great food truck scene? Let me know!

I Need Your Help, Lovers

I’m kicking off Spring and Summer at 50 Food Truck Dates with a new plan for how I’m tackling my dates to make it maximum funny and interesting for you, lovers. I’m thinking from here on out, I’ll be incorporating food trucks into fun/cool date ideas, and I’ll hold “themed months.” Both of these are where I’d love your ideas, opinions and help! Here are my themes so far:

  • June: Just Say Yes June (first 4-6 guys to contact me on OKCupid get a date, therefore I’m not saying, ‘no.’ This scares the bejesus out of me).
  • July: Jew Boo July (only picking up Jews from JDate.com for dates this month).
  • August: Second Date August. (This is my one-year anniversary of 50 Food Truck Dates, and I’m going to revisit the Food Truck Boys I liked for date two. Have someone specific you want to see me go on another date with? Let me know in the comments!)
  • September: Spur of the Moment September (I’m going to try to find my dates while IN LINE at food trucks – thanks to my lover John for that idea).
  • October: Ghost Date October (I’m not going to tell my dates they’re on a Food Truck Date this month or about my project, and I’m just going to write the SHIT out of honesty about them, without them knowing).

AND here are some date ideas I have, and I’ll throw food truck grub into the mix:

  • Biking across the Golden Gate
  • Giants game
  • Riding GoCars across the city
  • Attending a Japanese comunal bath together (in bathing suits)
  • Picnic in Presidio – food truck/lawn game/mimosa & bloody mary party on Sundays
  • Making beer OR cooking class
  • Rock climbing, yoga and/or another fun physical activity

SO, let me know if you have any ideas for themed months or funny date ideas! I want to be able to do anything funny/crazy/weird you have in mind, so don’t be shy. :)

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6th May 2013
  • http://30somethingtherapy.com/ Mel

    Oooh, I like all of these ideas! Excited to read all the juicy details too. :)

    • the50dates

      Oh I have some GOOD ones. Maybe someday I’ll get to tell you to them in person. I’m heading to Phili for a work event in July or August likely!! I’ll ping you. xo

  • Maureen

    While in Portland you should check out my friends Erin & Andrew’s south philly inspired cart at Belmont station bottle shop! Would be a great date spot

    • the50dates

      Thanks so much for the recommendation, @1bd3ec716de4897411562f0b0786bc1f:disqus!! I’ll most definitely put it on my list of carts to check out.